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  1. Thanks! The following is not exactly a song, but 3 riffs. There are also my Fortin Nameless Settings in the end. I used the Focusrite Scarlett interface. The player doesn't want to show the thumbnail picture. Maybe it will show later. 1st riff from this song: 2nd riff from this song
  2. I have played Bach pieces on piano when I played classical piano at the age of 15. I played the Toccata And Fuga In D-minor (BWV 565) a lot. But I hardly played it on organ. I also thought that this piece reminds me of "The Escapist." But it was random in the sense, that I didn't try to create an "Escapist" sound. And Of course, I have listened to Nigtwish a lot, so fo course my preferences shine through. I have never been a single band fan-person. I have propably listened to other bands more thatn Nightwish. But my music listening counts in thousands of hours, so Nightwish is still maybe a couple of hundred hours. Plus I play instruments myself. This is my 2-hour project. Finnish War Drums.
  3. This was my first playing session after my MIDI-keyboard had been in the box for 6 months.
  4. There is a reason. I forgot to upload the thumbnail picture as with the other songs. The Internet began doing tricks, so it was just safer to leave it be with the other background. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, ya'know.
  5. This is my new composition. It happens to be 9 minutes and 11 seconds long. Almost all note data is programmed with mouse and computer keyboard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-5vaJLJ2-s
  6. Update Nov 2021: I added a nice Channel Logo. It was quite difficult, because the logo just wouldn't load. Now, after 1 month I succeeded.
  7. It is very difficult to simplify this subject into one statement. Nightwish was an established band already back then (year 2000.) Maybe not super famous. I can't remember so much from that time, because I was 6 years old in the year 2000. I don't completely agree to the statement, that ALL publicitiy is good for marketing etc. But I want to point out, that there is risk promoting a new band too widely too quickly. A lead singer for a band may be, for instance, 20 years old. Young people need quite a lot of mental and other support as well. So, for a young artist, if a band encounters some kind of harsh media brutality early on, it affects mental health and other things. We have spoken about mental health for at least 20 years, right? In an outbreak, the band may not get all the support they would need, because everybody wants to secure their own side. But the band should get support of course. A good psychologist is a valuable tool at this point, for instance. I am 27 years old (and male), and I can handle myself independently in this world. Not all people survive these media outbreaks. So, if a media outbreak occurs, and, let's say two of the band members have to take a break (because of burnout or mental health reasons). They may need, for instance, 6 months of recovery. If fitting session musicians aren't found OR the fanbase doesn't recognize the new session musicians, the whole band could break up permanantly. Note, money flows into everyones pocket, as long as the band is performing and making albums etc. So after this kind of band breakout, almost all moneyflow stops basically to the wall (also to the recording company. On the other hand, let's say the singer is 20 years old and female. She is praised for 5 years and when an outbreak happens, the inbox sems to flow of only hate comments, the singer may feel somewhat "betrayed". And maybe the singer doesn't want to do any music any more, because she feels the music business is too brutal, even though she would be a reasonable artist. Band members (and all other people and workers) are human and need quite a ot of emotional support. And also, media outbreaks can just occur just "randomly" without anybody doing anything wrong. So, people in charge need to make sure, that if a band is supported very fast and very haevily, that especially young band members get all the support they need (Not the least emotional/mental support.) I cannot say so much for the Eurovision thing, but after studying the "End Of An Era" -hassle 2005 later in life (I was 11 back then, it came form the Finnish news.), it (the End Of An Era thing) should definitely be avoided. THAT was not risk free. But I cannot point any fingers, and I won't. In these kind of situations, there is so much false or incorrect information out there, that it is really difficult to point out whose fault something was (and there are always many people and parties involved.) It is never only 1 person's fault. Everybody makes mistakes. But make less mistakes. From the artist's side. You need to be determined that this vocation (music in this case) is really what you want to do. An artist needs passion for his/her art (I am speaking as an artist). When a storm arises, an artist without passion usually applies for a diferent job quite fast, if you know what I mean. And for an artist, no matter how much support you get, everything is not done for you. Sometimes you need to solve some problems yourself, maybe the best mixer of record company just left in the middle of the album making process and nobody knows what to do. Don't do extremely stupid stuff (many obstacles in this world could have been avoided this way.) Use a little bit of wit sometimes. Answer to your last question. When you have gone through "The Fire And Flames" in your career (Nightwish in this case) I think nobody questions your credibility as a metal band (you don't have to love the music.) Even though you don't like the music or somebody's work, please have a little bit of respect for people's work. It is not too much required.
  8. I think that nobody knows for sure. We can just guess. But in hindsight, it maybe wasn’t the smartest move to push Nightwish for Eurovision so hard…
  9. Well you are not in school here on the forum, so you don’t have to pass any tests :P.
  10. More Guitar Shredding. I used a Boss Katana Amplifier this time. The video contains the exact Amplifier values, if you want to use my Katana preset. It was filmed in Kuopion Konservatorio (Kuopio Conservatory.) There are many famous riffs in the footage. Maybe you can spot some.
  11. Yes. I played drums when I was 13, then I took classical paino lessons for 3 years, when I was about 15. Then I had a small break, then I made midi music with a DAW (Logic in this case.) I fully produce my own songs. I have studied music for the last 2,5 years in Finland full-time, so I have also studied a lot of Pop/Jazz-theory during this time. I have played live as well. I have also studied sound-physics (If you have to know only one thing about sound physics, study the harmonic series/overtone series.) My strongest instruments are the drums, the piano, and now the electric guitar. Though because of my vast background, I can learn basically any instrument quite fast. This is my CV basically. Here is the link to the mathematical version of the harmonic series: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harmonic_series_(mathematics) The musical version: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harmonic_series_(music) Every note on an isntrument plays every note of the harmonic series, relative to the "fundament" (base note). For instance, if you play "C" on a guitar, the "C" is the base note, the fundament, and every other notes (or frequency) from the harmonic series are played as well, but much quieter. The thickness of the frequency varies, and all instruments do not play all notes of the harmonic series. This applies to every physical instrument (drum tuning as well, though it is not very melodic.) The melodic harmonic series in one picture: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harmonic_series_(music)#/media/File:Harmonic_series_intervals.png
  12. I played this footage through my Scarlett Solo Audio Interface to Logic X. There I used th Fortin Nameless Plugin (Neural DSP). I used my studio monitors to play the sound. There is a minimal amount of EQ also. I played "random riffs" also, but the specific riffs are mentioned in the description of the video. The color of the guitar is dark blue (sapphire), but looks more dark when there is less light.
  13. Stargazer


    It's a blue Washburn with Floyd Rose tremolo system. I would have shown a picture, but there is no option to download a picture.
  14. This is a weird day. Stuff just keeps happening. Today there was this video in my Youtube feed. No expalantions required.
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