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Nightwish Album Index


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Studio albums:

Nightwish_-_HumanIINature.jpg.ddcaac3586295fe96d874b12f6371d34.jpg 2020: Human :||: Nature

Endless_Forms_Most_Beautiful.jpg.fcfed3ea687f216a67e0fb852d2bacca.jpg 2015: Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Nightwish_imaginaerum_cover.jpg.270e99d209cf75467e43ee860f5523b9.jpg 2011: Imaginaerum

Dark_Passion_Play.jpg.fde763a78d71de41636fb1bb47206e4d.jpg 2007: Dark Passion Play

OnceNightwishOriginalCover.jpg.96ecb6c0a501e13dd45ed0dc54023ffa.jpg 2004: Once

Nightwish_Century_Child.jpg.3d5f4c27f191f492a35f09fc1b96fbcf.jpg 2002: Century Child  🎡 YouTube

Nightwish-OverHillsFarAway.jpg.2d06dee464b8bc18b6cf1798a0dc6efe.jpg 2001: Over The Hills And Far Away (EP)

Nightwish_Wishmaster.jpg.0903d59da0fdc54b58d2fea2f09b9e6c.jpg 2000: Wishmaster

Nightwish_Oceanborn.jpg.8c6b25868355c95913814e313865ca9f.jpg 1998: Oceanborn

Nightwish_Angels_Fall_First.jpg.bda939159d09cde390ab4be69d0d32d3.jpg 1997: Angels Fall First



Nightwish_-_Decades.jpg.477ffee5c38368504c9eff1e5c9b4ddf.jpg 2018: Decades

Nightwish_-_Walking_in_the_Air_(album).jpg.fbb5bcab75c3df84e41a77c02f9b1463.jpg 2011: Walking In The Air: The Greatest Ballads

Highesthopes.jpg.725a0b129fee352ffa9430fc5763bde2.jpg 2005: Highest Hopes: The Best Of Nightwish

bestwishes.thumb.jpg.6b15a71c6f8aecd497ef7fd4e153c4fe.jpg 2005: Bestwishes πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

Tales_Elvenpath.jpg.b39d022f0729d1c0c77996b213f48e4f.jpg 2004: Tales From The Elvenpath πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

blessthechild.thumb.jpg.8b2434e2f764f4c5f73238e5509ad942.jpg 2002: Bless The Child (single/EP)

Wishmastour_cover.jpg.2e0f88aad31dab7833ed3d412bf61d57.jpg 2000: Wishmastour 2000 (EP) πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

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