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'Perfume Of The Timeless' is the first single from upcoming album Yesterwynde
The new single 'Perfume Of The Timeless' will be released on May 21, along with a video directed by Ville Lipiäinen.

'Yesterwynde' to be released on September 20, first single coming in May
"Yesterwynde is a fantastical voyage through time, memory, and the better angels of human nature. Three years in the making, we’re thrilled beyond words to share our tenth album with the world on September 20th!

Single 'Perfume Of The Timeless' will mark the beginning of this new era and will be released on May 21st. Pre-Save the single now: https://nightwish.bfan.link/perfumeofthetimeless.fpo"

1. Yesterwynde
2. An Ocean Of Strange Islands
3. The Antikythera Mechanism
4. The Day Of...
5. Perfume Of The Timeless
6. Sway
7. The Children Of 'Ata
8. Something Whispered Follow Me
9. Spider Silk
10. Hiraeth
11. The Weave
12. Lanternlight

More details here:

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Countdown to album #10 is about to start...
Nightwish social media is warming up for a release announcement... soon?
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Nightwish sign multi-album deal with Nuclear Blast
Looks like Nightwish is still sticking around with their label Nuclear Blast for a little longer than expected, and it is even their 20th anniversary with them since they signed with them back in 2004 around the time Once came around.
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Marko releases new single 'Left On Mars' featuring Tarja
Former Nightwish bandmates join their voices singing new studio material for the first time since 2004.

Tarja and Marko touring together in 2024
The previously mentioned March 2024 show with Tarja and Marko will not be a one-off, but more like part of a full tour! 👀

Album #10 is in the making
Planned for a 2024 release, follow the progress of the 10th studio album here!
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No tour in support of upcoming 2024 album
'After the planned shows for June 2023 we will be “hanging up our spurs” for an indeterminate time, as far as live concert performances go, and won’t be touring the next album.'
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Floor releases fourth single 'Invincible'
"I am thrilled to share my new single, "Invincible," with all of you. Originally written specifically for the Invictus Games, this song holds a very special place in my heart. As someone who has witnessed the effects of PTSD in my close circle, I wanted to create a powerful anthem that brings hope and strength to those who are struggling with this condition.

'Invincible' is a song about resilience, about pushing through difficult times, and about finding the strength to start again. I believe that this message is one that will resonate with many, as PTSD affects 1 in 13 people in their lifetime, and women are twice as likely to develop it as men.

I hope that 'Invincible' will remind you that even in the darkest of times, there is always the possibility of coming out stronger. You are not alone, and no matter how difficult the journey may be, there is always hope for healing and self-discovery.

My debut album, Paragon, is releasing this March 24, 2023!"

Beautifully sung, and worthy topic, but I don't know, it's a bit... bland? When Floor was writing for herself the songs had more character.
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Floor solo album to be released March 2023
Floor announces her debut album, "Paragon", releasing March 24, 2023.
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The Phantom returns in Amsterdam!
'The Phantom Of The Opera' was played by Nightwish for the very first time since the fateful End Of An Era show in 2005... AND it would appear there was a recording crew at the gig! 😲

Back on the road for the 2022 European Tour!
The 2022 European leg is about to begin, there's excitement in the air!

Crewish is back... featuring Tarja and Tapio Wilska!
Crewish returns with a new cover, featuring Tarja... and her old duet partner Tapio Wilska! 👀

Weird video, but has plenty of chests! 😁

Nightwish to play Kitee for the first time in 19 years!
Nightwish announce hometown show next summer!
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Human :||: Nature Tour Edition, a new release of the virtual show on Blu-ray
Backstage Rock Shop just announced a new release - Human Nature Tour Edition, which basically appears to be the HN album + the Virtual Live Show From The Islanders Arms 2021.
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10 years with Floor!
It's been 10 years since Floor's very first show with Nightwish! Let's go back in time...
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Nightwish in Latin America
The Latin American leg of the Human Nature World Tour is about to start! Follow the tour here!
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'Our Decades In The Sun'... Live!
I'm so happy that we now have this quality recording of Floor performing "Our Decades In The Sun", since the band won't perform it live. 🙏
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Floor releases 'Me Without You'
'Me Without You', the third single from Floor's upcoming solo album, has now been officially released!
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Jukka Koskinen becomes an official band member!
Jukka Koskinen has now become an official member and the permanent bassist of Nightwish!
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'Storm' is upon us
Floor's second single 'Storm' is out, audio is here:

And the video will premiere tomorrow morning:
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Floor on "Sing Meinen Song"
The TV show Sing Meinen Song has just started, check out Floor's covers of popular German songs.

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Back in North America after 4 years!
The wait is over!
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New Crewish album "Twice" to feature Tarja and Tuomas?
The new Crewish album is to feature Tarja and Tuomas? 😮

Read about it here!
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New Outlanders single "World In My Eyes"
"World In My Eyes" is out! A very interesting take on the classic hit, another very moody interpretation.

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