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  1. Moondance


    VIP packages are now available! Already have VIP for both Toronto and Montreal! https://www.facebook.com/delainmusic/posts/pfbid0cYWKxJ7yfNNzLz6NqxUCektE6nNrNUfgoUaKpXe8Exy3qkvMLWiMbKwiRLy8eycsl
  2. Moondance


    And so another North American tour has been announced, with Xandria joining them! I already have my tickets for both Toronto and Montreal! https://blabbermouth.net/news/delain-announces-2025-north-american-tour-with-xandria
  3. I've seen this band twice now, first time was when they opened for Delain last year in September, and then I saw them open again for Korpiklaani this past April. They always look to knock it out of the park of the two shows I saw them at. Even participated in the row boat pit during one of their songs. Needless to say, I can't wait until they return again and hopefully they will be the headliners as they always steal the show, and fingers crossed that I will get a VIP for their show! 😁
  4. Moondance


    New Charlotte Wessels song has been out for a while now: "Chasing Sunsets". At first, I thought there was Visions of Atlantis vibes to this one.
  5. Moondance

    Simone Simons

    Just like the first single, I get a ton of Ayreon vibes.
  6. In a recent interview with Swedish Rock Magazine, Tuomas has indeed confirmed three things: "The Day of..." is set to be the next single. Looks like I was right on the money for this guess. The theme for the single is "1984", which I can assume that it is the George Orwell book it will be about. "The Children of 'Ata" will feature vocal parts sung in Tongan by guest vocalists. Tuomas has stated that the band is not going to stop touring completely, but will start touring less after the hiatus is over. I might have missed a couple of other details. If I did, please post what I might have missed. https://swedenrockmagazine.prenly.com/p/sweden-rock-magazine/2024-06-12/a/nightwish/1295/1472769/52504243
  7. Moondance

    Simone Simons

    New single is in, "In Love We Rust".
  8. Any guesses on what the second single will be? These so far are my two guesses: "The Day of..." "Spider Silk"
  9. Moondance

    Simone Simons

    Heard the new single some time ago. Definitely gives off the Ayreon vibes, but this sounds promising for the album. Looking forward to it.
  10. A&P Reacts (aka THE GREATEST HEAVY METAL REACTION AND REVIEWERS IN THE WORLD!!!) released their reaction to Nightwish's single "Perfume of the Timeless" recently.
  11. Moondance


    I sure hope so. It'll probably be one or two new songs, depending on if they've already announced the next album. Otherwise, I guess we can call it Part 2 for North America. Though I am hoping to go to more shows during that tour, as I have been planning it out for a while now.
  12. Moondance


    In other Delain related news, I was reading some comments about Delain's upcoming summer shows this year, and one person commented if Delain was going to return to North America soon. Martijn responded to them, saying: "Yes", and have so far confirmed a March 11, 2025 show in Seattle.
  13. Moondance


    Saw the music video. I thought it was good, not great, but it was definitely a reflection back to when she was in Delain with the other members. Some fans of the old lineup I know right now are already declaring that Delain has returned, although Delain has always been around.
  14. Already heard the song early. 😁 Definitely gives off "Poet and the Pendulum", "Music" and "Shudder Before the Beautiful" vibes, with some "Harvest" sounding drums in the beginning. Excellent to hear it is already available for pre-order. I'll definitely be doing that soon.
  15. To be honest, I'm just going to let myself be surprised. Initially, I didn't plan to listen to the singles and was originally going to wait until the album's release, but the temptation to hear the singles is always too much. 😁 I do hope that the album will become ready for pre-order on Backstage Rock Shop soon.
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