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  1. They were a lot of fun last night. Outstanding band.
  2. Just back to the hotel. Holy hell what an incredible night. The band was on fire, and they were tight. Kai hammering the shit out of the drums and Floor was flawless, save for a flubbed line during Elan. It was played off so smoothly by Floor and was a light moment for all. I agree with Troy's vocals. More forward in the mix compared to many vids on YT. I'll post some pics and short clips tomorrow. I'm tired. I get to do this again on Tuesday. 😲🤗😏😯😜
  3. You could tie (or untie) his shoelaces! Great action shot. I'm headed out for the train station shortly. I thought this day would never arrive. I'll check in and will try to share some pics tonight.
  4. I'll use small cotton balls. Works best for me.
  5. I plan on getting in line early for the NYC show. Maybe 5:30ish. I have a balcony ticket for NYC. The Silver Spring/DC show should not be a problem as I have the line skip add-on for the show. I do hope to be able to get a balcony level spot in SS/DC. Don't know if I can hang with the young crowd. 😂 There was no way to order tickets specifically for balcony level there.
  6. Actually, I am getting a bit nervous with the NYC show. Just going up there solo and not knowing anyone. The good thing is I can walk from the train station to the hotel and from there to the venue. No other public transportation needed. The DC show will be easier. I'll be able to drive down. Also, taking a good friend of mine.
  7. Thanks again for sharing FB posts for us non-FB people. It really is appreciated!
  8. I hope they sell those at their merch stands at the shows I'm attending. A really good friend of mine plays the drums. They would make a good gift for his birthday.
  9. I wonder how many, if any, of the bigger named reactors I'll see at the NYC and DC shows? I'd love to hang with the Thamesmen in LA. Honestly there are a couple I'd rather not see.
  10. It will be a totally new adventure for me. Have never done anything like this. Last hurrah as I will be 57 soon. 🤭🤭 I am really looking forward to it. Nervous, yet incredibly excited.
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