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YouTube isn't the nicest social media platform, but among all the crud are lots of interesting comments, insight, good positive stuff that is just nice to read. I will be posting some of that here, because basically it's impossible to search through YT comments, and also because some fans have fun insight into band stuff.

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About "High Hopes" in Helsinki from End of An Era:


"I'm one of the incredibly lucky bastards who got to witness this live. I'll never forget the atmosphere. There's another layer to those lyrics, you see: this was from their last concert with Tarja -- the guys knew that, she and the audience didn't. There was this odd, off vibe to the entire concert, and when this one rolled around and it was just the guys on the stage (she was having a break to change clothes and rest her voice) I remember thinking how odd it is that even though an important element was clearly missing, everything felt... right. Like it should be. That feeling started making a whole lot of more sense after I got home that night and read the infamous open letter." - Darnaguen 2020-12-19

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