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End Of An Era (2006)


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End Of An Era (2006)


Recorded at Hartwall Arena Helsinki October 21 2005 during the Once World Tour (2004-2005). Last show with Tarja.


Track list (with relevant threads when available)

Live performance (CD/DVD/BR)

  • Intro: Red Warrior (from "The Last Samurai" soundtrack by Hans Zimmer)
  1. Dark Chest Of Wonders
  2. Planet Hell
  3. Ever Dream
  4. The Kinslayer
  5. Phantom Of The Opera (Andrew Lloyd Webber cover)
  6. The Siren
  7. Sleeping Sun
  8. High Hopes (Pink Floyd cover)
  9. Bless The Child
  10. Wishmaster (including the intro to "The Trooper" by Iron Maiden)
  11. Slaying The Dreamer
  12. Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan
  13. Nemo
  14. Ghost Love Score
  15. Stone People (by John Two-Hawks)
  16. Creek Mary's Blood (with John Two-Hawks)
  17. Over The Hills And Far Away (Gary Moore cover)
  18. Wish I Had An Angel
  • Outro: All Of Them (from the "King Arthur" soundtrack by Hans Zimmer)

Extra material (DVD/BR)

  • A Day Before Tomorrow (tour documentary) YouTube
  • Photo Gallery


From the band:


(from Nuclear Blast)

October 21st 2005 is a historic date for every NIGHTWISH fan – many tears flowed, yet the foundation was laid for a new beginning and the ongoing continuity of the band. What subsequently appeared as the DVD titled "End Of An Era" was not only the final show of their mega-selling "Once" tour, but also the very last joint performance with their singer Tarja Turunen. Due to all of these facets and more, the DVD will give you goose bumps many times over, yet it crowns the end of the Tarja chapter with a unique show that could hardly have been better or more spectacular. The setlist is stunning and contains 18 hymns, such as the opening 'Dark Chest Of Wonders', 'Nemo' and 'Bless The Child' through to the final 'Wish I Had An Angel'. If you do not already own this live masterpiece, you can now look forward to the extensive new edition.


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