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From Wishes To Eternity (2001)


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From Wishes To Eternity (2001)


Recorded at Pakkahuone, Tampere Finland on December 29 2000 during the Wishmaster World Tour (2000-2001).


Track list (with relevant threads when available)

Live performance (CD/DVD)

  1. The Kinslayer (with Ike Vil) (Note 1)
  2. She Is My Sin
  3. Deep Silent Complete
  4. The Pharaoh Sails To Orion (with Tapio Wilska)
  5. Come Cover Me
  6. Wanderlust
  7. Crimson Tide/Deep Blue Sea (instrumental medley, from the soundtrack of Crimson Tide by Hans Zimmer and Deep Blue Sea by Trevor Rabin)
  8. Swanheart
  9. Elvenpath
  10. FantasMic (Part 3)
  11. Dead Boy's Poem
  12. Sacrament Of Wilderness
  13. Walking In The Air
  14. Beauty And The Beast (with Tony Kakko)
  15. Wishmaster

Extra material (DVD)

  • The Carpenter (official video)
  • Sleeping Sun (official 1998 video)
  • The Kinslayer (live video) (Note 2)
  • Walking In The Air (live video) (Note 3)
  • Interview with Tarja (filmed before and after the Tampere performance on December 29 2000)
  • Interview with Tuomas (filmed during the South American tour)
  • "Deleted scenes" (tour documentary) (YouTube)



  1. "The Kinslayer" was actually played after "She Is My Sin" and "Gethsemane" during the concert. "Gethsemane" is absent from the DVD.
  2. Live performance recorded in Buenos Aires Argentina on July 22 2000, mixed with audio from studio track.
  3. Live performance recorded in Montreal Canada on November 25-26 2000.


From the band:

Emppu (in the official biography): "It was nerve-wracking to know that everything had to be perfect, that we just couldn't screw it up. We also agreed that if we made some drastic mistakes, they could be fixed later. We ended up touching a few drum beats, Karmila probably added some keyboards, and I think Tarja re-recorded the vocals for the "Snowman" ["Walking In The Air"], but the bass and guitar tracks were left as they were."


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