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Tales From The Elvenpath (compilation, 2004)


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Tales From The Elvenpath (compilation, 2004)


German release by Drakkar. Contains no tracks from debut album "Angels Fall First".


Track list (with relevant threads when available):

  1. Wishmaster (WM, 2000)
  2. Sacrament Of Wilderness (OB, 1998)
  3. End Of All Hope (CC, 2002)
  4. Bless The Child (CC, 2002)
  5. Sleeping Sun (single, 1998)
  6. Walking In The Air (Howard Blake cover, OB, 1998)
  7. Stargazers (OB, 1998)
  8. Over The Hills And Far Away (Gary Moore cover, OTHAFA, 2001)
  9. The Kinslayer (WM, 2000)
  10. Dead's Boy Poem (WM, 2000)
  11. Sleepwalker (single, 2000)
  12. Nightquest (B-side of "Walking In The Air" single, 1999)
  13. Lagoon (B-side of "Bless The Child" single, 2002)
  14. The Wayfarer (B-side of "Ever Dream" single, 2002)


From the band:

In the official biography, Tuomas says of this compilation: "The song selection is just fine, but the cover art is horrible, and the whole idea of putting out a 'greatest hits' compilation was just stupid. [...] The label does what it has to do, and the band takes it like they should. I guess we have to allow Boggi [Kopec, head of Nightwish's German label] that -- after al, Drakkar did a good job for us."


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