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Link to some old Nightwish festival Youtube videos


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I have searched Youtube through the years for old material, which are rare. Some the original physical footage is mystically "destroyed" or they get lost or something.

They can be found but they are sometimes hard to find.

These kinds of videos sometimes "mystically" disappear from Youtube.  




Here is some old weird playback thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDOOksnpvkk&list=WL&index=61


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Moving your topic to the "live" section...

Good stuff! The Rauma show is a good recording, I would have loved a DVD made out of it. We do have many songs from the tour on "End Of Innocence" but more is always better! 😁

As for the Top of the Pops performance, well it's playback so musically it's the usual but the camera work is excellent, especially if one is looking for close-ups of Tarja's eyes, mouth or nostrils lol! 😆 Weirdly there's not a single close-up of Marko, while the others get their fair share.

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Of course I have seen Tarja many times on video (I have the End Of An Era Blu-Ray, for instance.) Once live in my local church (it was a Christmas tour.) By finnish standards, this kind of zooming "in your face" etc. makes me

feel a little uncomfortable, when watching the video. My brother said the same thing. And imagine this close-up of Tarja's face played on a 80-inch television or something.

Maybe it is supposed to be a little bit "sexy", but seems like it is "ok." This kind of "close-up" shot is not a one-time incident on live recordings. I think that there was

the "new guy" behind the camera on the Top Of The Pops -show. Of course psychologically the "new guy" might get a little excited about the zooming at first. 

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There is moooore. I don't know if these are "bootlegs" or what. But music business is a "wild west" anyway, so somebody can "claim" them

if they have the copyright. Otherwise, here is a "Century Child" concert from 2002 (fricking 1 hour 30 minutes)



2005 Taubertal festival 



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That Amsterdam concert is a great recording, it's perhaps the only 2002 complete show recording I can think of. 🤘 Maybe there's a Moscow one too, it's all detailed here.

As for the Taubertal show, it's unfortunately not complete but I don't know of a source for a complete video recording. This is the show that's been released as an extra on the remastered edition of Once, so we do have a complete setlist.

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