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My new Youtube Hi-Res project.


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I have always wondered how would it be to upload CD-quality files to Youtube. It have seemed very complex to me.

I uploaded a video and seems like the requirement is the money from the ads. So I can upload almost any file, if all

the money from the ads goes to "respective copyright holders" (record companies etc.) I will be uploading more music.

This is the first test. I am not in terrible need for money right now. Of course I am finnish myself, so even though I don't

directly benefit a penny right now, some of the money goes into finnish pockets 😄. I think this sounds very good. 



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Nope. Here is the the whole fricking album. 10 hours of work. The Youtube text said that I am allowed to release this music. I did it the official way. 

The claim was, that Youtube might show ads in the videos, and all the money goes to "respective copyright holders". I don't get any money, if I don't make a "claim".

After that I might get some share from the videos, maybe. It allowed to show the autographs and everything. On top of that, I study in Kuopio (maybe 60 miles from Kitee).

So basically the Finnish label guys can visit my studying place if they want (concerning copyrights). I was a little amazed how easy this was. I used 

Adobe Premiere Elements to make the videos. So I exported the video from Premiere at full quality, which makes a "downscaling" effect. This means, that technically this material is much below CD-quality, but the conversion is very good. Note, I made the conversion in the video editing program. 

The Youtube "downscaling" cannot use that much of CPU-power. That is propably why these sound so good.

(Of course Adobe software have a very good audio scaling algoritm.) So, these videos are completely legal right now. I just wanted to test this.


I will download these videos to another specific new channel. I will replace the link. So that everything is not under one channel. I cannot change Youtube Channel, because it requires phone authorization, and my Apple iPhone is dead (recharging doesn't work.) Typical musical problems.

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Trying to explain things clearly.
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Update. I made a new channel just for relasing music. I deleted the material from the previous channel, that's why the link is broken. Maybe a mod can

remove the link (it seemed difficult to delete the broken link). I used all my daily upload space. So I will add the missing songs (08 - Feel For You and

the live songs) later. Note: I tried to upload an album stream version of the album, but it was blocked. It went through, when I uploaded the same songs

individually and made a playlist. So maybe it is not a good idea to spend 20 hours on an album stream (somebody elses music.) Download the songs individually. Just a tip for saving time. Youtube didn't delete the album stream from my account, so seems like you can upload almost anything for

personal use, even though the video would be blocked "worldwide", as the term stated. Anyway, here it is. Fugazzi, you can add the link to the "Century Child" -page as you wished earlier. 



It didn't activate the playlist. Maybe now. The playlist can be found on the channel.


Edit: It doeesn't automatically start playing the playlist as usual. Maybe next time.

I think this is the link to the playlist:


Edit 2: For some reason I cannot upload profile pictures or anything on the channel right now. That's why there is

a beautiful pink circle symbolizing my channel. I'll try again in 2 weeks.

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15 hours ago, Stargazer said:

Update Nov 2021: I added a nice Channel Logo. It was quite difficult, because the logo just wouldn't load. Now, after 1 month I succeeded.

Is there a reason why the background in the thumbnail for Forever Yours is black instead of textured white? I'm not really bothered, just curious! 😉

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On 11/20/2021 at 3:26 PM, Fugazi said:

Is there a reason why the background in the thumbnail for Forever Yours is black instead of textured white? I'm not really bothered, just curious! 😉

There is a reason. I forgot to upload the thumbnail picture as with the other songs. The Internet began doing tricks, so it was just safer to leave it be with the other background. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, ya'know.

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