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Crewish (cover album!)


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Not just any NW cover band!




Peculiar times spawn peculiar ideas, and that's exactly what our beloved Crew has been up to lately!

"Crewish - Unemployed Blacksmiths" features their interpretations of five Nightwish songs, everything played, sung and recorded by them, and it`s something guaranteed to put a big smile on your face.

Our branch of industry has been struck hard by the recent events, and if you wish to support our Crew in a tangible way, please join us and get your copy of this once-in-a-lifetime album now. Available only from Nightwish Shop.

All the profits from this album will go directly to our technicians, the band or the record label will not touch a cent.

Thanks, and stay safe everybody.

- Tuomas Holopainen

1. Sleeping Sun
2. Wish I Had An Angel
3. Amaranth
4. Nemo
5. Elan

All instruments and vocals by CREWISH.

Crewish are:
Kimmo Ahola, FOH
Aksu Rönkkö, Mon
Ville Wahlroos, LD
Tero Kinnunen, Keyboard & ProTools tech
Lassi Kauppinen, Bass tech
Jarkko Piipari, Drum tech
Antti Toivianen, Gtr tech
Juuso Jaakkola, Video tech
Markku Aalto, Pyro tech
Teemu Koivistoinen, Pyro tech
Jaska Erkinheimo, Stage manager
Ulrich Weitz, ex-Drum tech

Release date: September 18th 2020


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All right, I received my CD today but I'm working late so I won't be able to listen to the music until tomorrow -- but a quick word on the booklet:

Nice 12-page colour insert full of crew pictures, nicely done. Of interest is a roster of the crew with their roles and their seniority with NW.

Crewish are:

Tero Kinnunen, Keyboard & ProTools tech (1862 🤪)
Markku Aalto, Pyro tech (2000)
Kimmo Ahola, FOH Sound Engineer (2004)
Antti Toivianen, Guitar tech (2005)

Teemu Koivistoinen, Pyro tech (2007)
Aksu Rönkkö, Monitor Sound Engineer (2011)

Ville Wahlroos, Lighting Designer (2015)
Juuso Jaakkola, Video tech (2016)
Late Kauppinen, Bass tech (2018)
Jaska Erkinheimo, Stage manager (2018)
Jarkko Piipari, Drum tech (2020)

Ulrich Weitz, ex-Drum tech (1999-2018) (presumably Mr Weitz was listed because he took part in the Crewish endeavour)


So we still have plenty of folks sticking around since the Tarja era (in blue), and Anette era (in green). Well done!

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All right, a quick comment on the Crewish album... I like it! My favourite tracks are actually the slower ones, Amaranth and Elan, because it's IMO much harder to pull off than the loud screaming ones. Amaranth in particular is very different yet alluring. And overall the album is a pleasant listen and a labour of love from all concerned. As mentioned earlier the insert is replete with fun crew pictures. With only 5 songs I wish it was longer, but it's still a great souvenir and a clever way to support the Crew. I just wish that I had bought the T-shirt too, but with the Euro conversion fees, the shipping fees and the import fees, I'm not sure I want to order again so soon... 😆

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From the Crewish FB page:



NIGHTWISH Crew still strugling with constant show cancelations. SUPPORT us by buying our CD and/or T-Shirts. You can get them from @backstagerockshop. LINK IN COMMENTS! Hope to see you soon at gigs!

NIGHTWISH-Crew taistelee edelleen jatkuvien keikkaperuutusten kanssa. Tue meitä ostamalla CD ja/tai T-paita. Saat tilattua niitä helposti virallisesta @backstagerockshop -kaupasta! Tilauslinkki KOMMENTEISSA! Toivottavasti nähdään pian keikoilla.

Poor guys must be having a hard time. 😞

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Love this album, they have done an awesome job. I wanted a tee-shirt but they only had smaller sizes left and a pie enthusiast like me would not fit in one of them. 🤣 Got one for my daughter though and she loves it.

It was good to be able to support the crew, even if it was only in this small way. Without them we have no shows at all. 

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Yeah I really feel for these guys and girls. I'm a draughtsman so my job just moved from my office to my house for the last 2 years. The crew have had nothing. 

I would be really interested in a second album. I was genuinely impressed with the first one. I think I heard it charted quite high in Finland also. (I may be wrong here). It wouldn't surprise me though, in a 'metal country' 🤘

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They did do very well! From the official web site:



We are super delighted to see our dear crew members, Crewish, debuted on their album ”Unemployed Blacksmiths” as #2 on The Official Album Chart in Finland and #1 on The Official Physical Album Chart. Couldn’t be more proud and happy for them! If you’re still missing your own copy of this masterpiece, the album and the limited merchandise can be ordered here https://nightwish.com/#preorder. All the profits from this album will go directly to our technicians, the band nor the record label will not touch a cent.

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As expected! 🤘

https://www.facebook.com/crewish/posts/467978648095643 (automated translation)


@crewish. and @nokianpanimo

F U R U R !

It's such a thing, what kind of a thing!? Well, now it's true that there's a sequel to the Crewish tune in the studio's brain. It's time to be handsome! Keep your eyes and ears open for news release! Nokian Panimo

We got support for the implementation of the recording from Nokia Panimo for the last recording. A BIG THANK YOU then @nok!


No it is so that how is it!? Thing is that we’re currently recording second Crewish album. How cool is that!!

Keep your eyes and ears open for release news!

We were supported by Nokian Panimo (brewery from Finland). So BIG THANKS for @nokianpanimo


Is this going to be an acoustic album?

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Crewish are having a contest on Facebook:

Hello everybody!
The thing is that we’re announcing a little competition for you guys! It will start on monday in Crewish Facebook page! All you have to do is guess which song we are referring with our hints. You will have three clues with in three days and you will have one guess per day. The quickest right answer wins our new CD once it’s released. All the songs are of course original Nightwish songs which we will cover on our CD.
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The new Crewish album to feature Tarja and Tuomas? 😮

This was also posted on the Crewish Facebook page, so it's apparently not fake news but could be a late April Fools joke?

Giant surprise over Nightwish after a long break - Holopainen and ex-member Turunen perform on the same album

Tomi Olli - 4 April 2022


Crewish is a band of Nightwish technicians for whom the record is also important to make up for the loss of livelihood caused by the corona.

The technicians of the heavier Finnish music star Nightwish did not lament the crown's work. In 2020, they released a new version of five songs from Nightwish on the EP.

Now, the Crewish band, which includes eleven technicians, will release their second album, “Twice,” in May, and the first single will be heard in April. The album features seven new songs as well as all the songs on the EP.

Crewish's souls in the project have been Nightwish's mixer Kimmo Ahola , guitar technician Antti Toiviainen and keyboard player technician Tero Kinnunen .

"The songs have been made with completely new arrangements again, including jazz, iron wire and techno," explains Toiviainen.

The Twice album also comes with a pretty bombshell that Toiviainen is excited about and can be expected to delight many of Nightwish’s friends who have been around for over 25 years.

"We decided to encourage our minds and ask Tarja Turku , who was fired in 2005, to sing the song Dark Chest of Wonders, which she gladly agreed to."

“ Tuomas Holopainen , on the other hand, got excited about arranging the song I Want My Tears Back so that he demanded to be able to play that song. Of course we had to agree to this, ”Laughs Toiviainen.

Turunen recorded his vocals in his current country of residence in Spain and Holopainen in his hometown of Kitee. Otherwise, the new album was largely recorded at Ahola's studio in Kauhava.

Toiviainen is experiencing quite a stir in history: Turunen was suddenly separated from the band that rose to the top of his popularity. The matter was dealt with through the public when the gaps had become inflamed.

“What makes it interesting is that Tarja and Tuomas are now on the same album after a break of years. In addition to them, Tapio Wilska is also involved . ”

Wilska has been a technician in the early stages of Nightwish and has also performed as a singer in some songs.

Kimmo Ahola says that Holopainen was very positive that the old bandmates are on the same album again.

"Tuomas had nothing against it, it was just ok for him."

He hopes the new album will be on the minds of listeners.

“Still, you can never please everyone. However, we have done everything seriously and with respect to the songs, even though there has been a splash in our eyes. ”

“The album will go on wide distribution like its predecessor, which has been sold in dozens of countries. The purpose of the album is to bring much-needed extra income to our technicians, whose bread was really cramped during the Corona era. ”

Nightwish returns to the stage on April 22nd. At the Nokia Arena in Tampere and 24.4. In the Helsinki Ice Rink. In May, the band will launch their North American tour of Canada.


Looking closely at this picture, one can make out some of the songs: "DCOW" (Dark Chest Of Wonders), Storytime, Amaranth (again!), then at the bottom "TB" (I Want My Tears Back?), Eva and "We Were Here" (possibly a part of The Greatest Show On Earth?).


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More details about the new Crewish album:


Surprising collaboration: Tarja Turunen re-recorded the old Nightwish song

Turunen's voice will be heard on the new album of the band Crewish.

Anna-Maija Flag 4 April 2022


The band, made up of the backing band of the band Nightwish, has received a surprising visitor for their new album.

The Crewish band is made up of Nightwish technicians. The band started when the corona pandemic was also taken by the work of technicians and they decided to make new arrangements for Nightwish’s songs. Now Crewish is getting another album called Twice , which will be released in May. Tarja Turunen, the former soloist of Nightwish, sings on one of the songs on the new album .

This is reportedly the first time Turunen has sung Nightwish's music on the record since she was separated from the band in 2005. Crewish member Kimmo Ahola says that Turunen is happy to collaborate. However, Ahola first wanted to make sure that this was also suitable for Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish.

- Tuomas replied that of course. I wanted both of us to know about it and we play with so-called open cards, Ahola tells Iltalehti.

Ahola and a few other Crewish members have been working with Nightwish since Turunen was involved.

Turunen has lived abroad for a long time, formerly in Argentina and now in Spain, where she recorded her parts.

- I told Tarja that we don't have a record company and we're trying to raise money for technicians, so we can't afford big compensation. It didn't bother her, Ahola says.

Crewish wanted to make completely new versions of Nightwish’s songs. One of them was Dark Chest of Wonders, released in 2004. That's what they wanted Turunen in.

- We wanted it to be a song that Tarja herself sang on an earlier album. It wouldn’t have felt right to ask her to sing the new Nightwish.

Even with Holopainen

Tuomas Holopainen will also take part in Crewish's upcoming album.

- Tuomas came a little behind the tree. He heard about our arrangement of the song I Want My Tears Back and asked to play along with it. That, of course, suited us, Ahola says.

Holopainen has been excited about Crewish’s project from the beginning, which has been important to Ahola as they adapt Holopainen’s works.

- We don't want to make fun of the original songs or make them any humor. We make adjustments with a little twinkle in the corner of our eye, but serious nonetheless.



Tuomas Holopainen and Tarja Turunen with Nightwish-Crew's new album

It’s been a long time since the former bandmates were on the same record last time.

Vesa Siltanen 4/4/2022


When the corona pandemic put a stop to gigs, the band’s tour staff - roudars, lighting and sound technicians, drivers and so on - came under financial discipline. The gig staff of Finnish Nightwish came up with the opportunity to earn a little extra by recording and releasing a album called Crewish on which they interpreted the songs of their employer, Nightwish.

The Unemployed Blacksmiths EP, released in the Fall of 2020, will be followed in the spring by Twice , which includes the EP songs and seven new interpretations. What makes the album especially interesting is that after a break of many years, it brings Nightwish leader Tuomas Holopainen and singer Tarja Turunen , who was separated from the band in 2005, together again on the same album.

"We decided to encourage our minds and ask Turku to sing the song Dark Chest of Wonders , which he gladly agreed to," guitar technician Antti Toiviainen tells the Future of the Countryside .

“Holopainen, on the other hand, got excited about arranging the song I Want My Tears Back so that he demanded to be able to play that song. Of course we had to agree to this. ”

Turunen recorded his vocals in his country of residence in Spain and Holopainen in Kitee. In addition to Toiviainen, Kimmo Ahola , a mixer belonging to the “soul” of the Crewish project, says that the former bandmates could fit on the same record without any problems.

“Tuomas had nothing against it, it was just ok for him,” Ahola says .

Crewish’s Twice will be released in May. Nightwish will perform at the Nokia Arena in Tampere on April 22 and on April 24. At the Helsinki Ice Rink. In late spring, the band will head out on a North American tour.



So combined with the picture above, we can pretty much guess the track list of the new album:

  1. Dark Chest Of Wonders (feat. Tarja Turunen)
  2. Storytime
  3. Amaranth (*)
  4. Last Ride Of The Day
  5. Wish I Had An Angel (*)
  6. Ever Dream
  7. Nemo (*)
  8. Élan (*)
  9. Sleeping Sun (*)
  10. I Want My Tears Back (feat. Tuomas Holopainen)
  11. Eva
  12. The Greatest Show On Earth

(*) Originally released on Unemployed Blacksmiths (2000). Which gives another meaning to the album title -- they'll make us pay for the same songs Twice. 😆😉

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Crewish album will be out in the Fall:


Crewish greetings from America!

You may have already thought about the fate of the upcoming Crewish "Twice" album. Corona also hit us and messed up the album's mixing schedules a bit. That's why the album will be released in the fall of 2022. So don't worry if there is any! Winners of Crewquiz-competitions will of course also be rewarded in the autumn.


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Just a quick note to mention that over the holidays I received my copy of Twice... and wow I must say I'm impressed! The new songs are great, adding a lot to the original EP ('Unemployed Blacksmiths'). 'Dark Chest Of Wonders' is great for the inclusion of Tarja and Tapio, but I love the slowed-down version of 'Last Ride Of The Day', 'Ever Dream' in a Frank Sinatra style is surprisingly good, the electronic remix of 'I Want My Tears Back' is hilarious (in a good way, and Tuomas must have had a great time!), and Western-style instrumental 'Eva' is fabulous. 'We Were Here' (fragment of The Greatest Show) is very similar musically to the original, but sung by a crew chorus manages to remain emotional. As a full-blown record Twice is a coherent offering that I will want to listen to more than once -- pun not intended! 😁

Also, Crewish have published a making-of video on YouTube a few days ago.


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