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Johanna Kurkela


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Starting a topic about Johanna, because why not? She's part of the family!

I was curious about her solo material, before Eye Of Melian and Auri and Scrooge and Altamullan Road. If Wiki is to be trusted she released 7 solo albums between 2005 and 2015, so she had plenty of material for shows such as this one recorded for Finnish TV in 2012.

My favourite at first listen, and her most successful solo song as far as I can tell, is the last of the show, Rakkauslaulu ("Love Song", 2010).

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For you guys in Finland:


Altamullan Road SuomiLOVEssa nyt tulevana lauantaina 12.3.2022!

Altamullan Road performing live on Finnish TV show SuomiLOVE this Saturday March 12! #suomilove #altamullanroad

"Altamullan Road is a cinematic pop band formed by two Finnish singer-songwriters Johanna Iivanainen and Johanna Kurkela. The music of Altamullan Road is an intriguing gathering of different genres and emotions, intertwined together by the unique symbiotic connection and harmony of their magical voices. Inspired largely by films, their music touches topics from simple life’s pleasures to mysteries beyond the veil of existence. Sorrow and joy hand in hand. A journey from the earth to the space." (from https://musicfinland.com/en/news/new-artists-to-follow-2-2020)

Their eponymous album was released in 2020, and I think there are plans for more.



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