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Furthest Shore

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While reading an article on Darkwoods My Betrothed I read that the band, 'Furthest Shore' was a kind of spin off focusing on the 'Viking Metal' side of music they were creating. Not sure if this is true or not but some of the members are in both bands.

I'm not a massive fan of the growling style used by Darkwoods but do like the cleaner vocals in Furthest Shores music so I tracked down and ordered their only full album 'Chronicles of Hethenesse, Book 1: The Shadow Descends'. €1.77 plus €5 postage from Russia 😀 Good old 'Discogs', always a fun source of harder to find CDs.
As Tuomas is on this album I thought I would give it a try. 


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I've been listening to this, and musically it sometimes reminds me of the very early Nightwish material, with a combination of keys, flute and guitar, slow rythms and overall simple arrangements, just heavier. I find it more melodic and enjoyable than most Darkwoods My Betrothed works... but I just can't get into that Pasi guy's voice. The dude can't sing, they might as well have begged Tuomas to sing instead! 😁 But it's of course in the ear of the beholder!


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