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Imaginaerum - The Wine!

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Did any of you manage to taste this branded wine? Not many bands can boast having both wine and beer to their name, but this side-project didn't last very long unfortunately.


Nightwish Imaginaerum



Imaginaerum originates from Ribera del Duero which is one of the top wine regions of Spain. Ribera del Duero is home to some of the most reputable Spanish wines that are considered among the world’s finest and sought after by wine lovers all around the globe. The tinto fino grapes (also known as tempranillo) used in making of Imaginaerum wine are sourced from very old vines that are up to 100 years old and are growing at high altitudes in stony gravel soils of Ribera del Duero. Old vines, almost no water and poor soils have resulted in a ridiculously low yields but grapes with super intensive aromas. Before bottling, the wine has spent 14 months in small barrels made of French oak. The label of the bottle is based on the song “The Crow, The Owl And The Dove” from the Imaginaerum album. The mystery of the bird emblem will be revealed to anyone listening to the song with thought and a glass of Imaginaerum…


Grape variety: Tempranillo - Ribera del Duero

ABV: 14%

Bottle size: 750 ml


The real tasting notes - Nightwish Imaginaerum

Posted By: Wine&Roll - The Wines of Rock!


Nightwish Imaginaerium, Ribera del Duero, Tempranillo 2010

The Imaginaerum-project by Nightwish with the album, the movie and of course the wine creates a whole concept pampering all of the senses. It opens a door to a paralel universe...

Every wine has an occupation. This one is a Hunter.

Now let the Hunt begin...it won't be an easy catch.

It's a bit harsh after opening, so don't start to drink immediately, leave it to breath for a while. You have to wait like a Hunter is waiting for his Victim. Wait calmly, show some respect, it's worth it... It has a beautiful ruby red colour, like freshly drawn blood. Swirl it around your glass and have a sniff. You'll find wood from the oak-barrel where the wine spent months for ageing, sweet cherry and plum, spices of the magical world and something else, something extraordinary. This wine has a story.

Use Your Imagination!

Imagine you are running in the woods, chasing an animal in the moonlight and finally you catch it. The warm blood reflects on the blade of your knife. The trees are rustling as the wind blows. The smell of the blood gets into your nose. Tear a piece of meat from the body and roast it on the fire. Medium-rare, please... Now have a sip of the Imaginaerium. You deserve it...Time stops for a moment, there is pure love, joy and eternity. It's so fantastic how it tingles your taste buds. You can feel the wine as it spreads all over your veins? It's the majestic unite of nature.

Life is a deadly game of sacrifices. You can be the Prey or you can be the Hunter. Just think of the grapes which have been sacrificed to create such an amazing wine for you. Celebrate a big feast with this wine which gives you a special treat that you will never forget.

„Imaginarium, a dream emporium! Caress the tales And they will dream you real”

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3 minutes ago, BobbyNJ said:

I have two bottles left in my collection. I'm saving them for something VERY  special. 

Congrats, I guess you will find out eventually how well it ages! I take it that you have tried at least a bottle already?

Welcome to the forums, by the way! 😁

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