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Hi everyone! 

My name is Frida and I am from Finland. I was introduced to Nightwish sometime in the beginning/middle of elementary school (sometime between 2006 and 2010) by my dad, who played the Highest Hopes -album in his car when getting my brothers and I to school. I didn't understand much of it back then but found it once again in 2015, when I was 15-16-years old and had just started high school. I also went to my first Nightwish concert in 2015, when my friend accidentally bought two tickets instead of one. Since then, I've been to a total of five Nightwish concerts (not counting in the virtual concert). 

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Welcome to the forums Frida! 😀 Thanks for your introduction, it looks like we became fans around the same time! It was a happy accident getting that extra ticket, going to a Nightwish show is certainly a good way to get hooked forever! 😄

By the way, are you attending any of the current concerts in Finland?

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Well done! From the YouTube videos, it looks to me like the energy was high despite this being a first show in months and Floor being ill. I find it amazing how she can perform these long exhausting sets, I'd probably be in bed moaning and whinging if I were her! 😆 Hope she's feeling better today, although 2 days is a short time to fully recover from flu.

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It's probably one of the reasons why artists don't appreciate fans recording every performance... It's so easy to be critical of sub-par recordings on the internet, and analyze every little voice crack... While in reality, these are things one hardly notices in the heat of the show, and I'm sure everyone attending had a memorable evening nonetheless. 🙂

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