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1998-99 Oceanborn Tour


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1998-99 Oceanborn Tour

Details on Wikipedia


Setlist (from Wiki; specific setlists at setlist.fm here and here)


During the Summer of Wilderness tour, a typical setlist would consist of:

  • "Sacrament of Wilderness"
  • "Elvenpath"
  • "Stargazers"
  • "Passion and the Opera"
  • "Know Why the Nightingale Sings"
  • "Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean"
  • "Walking in the Air"
  • "Gethsemane"
  • "Astral Romance"
  • "The Pharaoh Sails to Orion"


  • "Beauty and the Beast"

During the Oceanborn Europe tour, a typical setlist would consist of:

  • "Stargazers"
  • "Gethsemane"
  • "Passion and the Opera"
  • "Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean"
  • "Sacrament of Wilderness"
  • "Swanheart"
  • "The Pharaoh Sails to Orion"
  • "Walking in the Air"
  • "Elvenpath"
  • "Astral Romance"
  • "Know Why the Nightingale Sings"

"Swanheart" premiered live on November 12, 1999. Beginning in early December, "Stargazers" would be played following "Passion and the Opera", and "Sacrament of Wilderness" would be played between "Walking in the Air" and "Know Why the Nightingale Sings". "Beauty and the Beast" was also played, though it was no longer a regular feature of the setlist.



(with links to recordings available on YouTube - 🎤🎤🎤 sound quality - 🎞️🎞️🎞️ image quality - pro recording)


Finland-Kitee-Huvikeskus-November 13, 1998

  • Sacrament Of Wilderness 🎞️🎞️🎞️ (official band video, live performance mixed with studio track)

Finland-Jyväskylä-Lutakko-January 18, 1999 (Note 3)

Finland-Helsinki-Lista (TV show)-January 21, 1999

Finland-Helsinki-Tavastia-January 22, 1999

Finland-Turku-Club Feeniks-February 13, 1999

Finland-Helsinki-Lepakko-March 6, 1999

Finland-Tampere-Pakkahuone-March 31, 1999

Finland-Nivala-Tuiskula-April 10, 1999


Summer Of Wilderness

Finland-Vantaa-Vernissa-May 21, 1999

Finland-Halkosaari-Lappajärvi-May 22, 1999

Finland-Lieksa-Brahesali-May 27, 1999

Finland-Joensuu-Silva Metsämessut-May 28, 1999

Finland-Helsinki-Tavastia-June 4, 1999

Finland-Karjaa-Kattoparkkirock-June 5, 1999

Finland-Somero-Sommerstock-June 5, 1999

Finland-Eura-Eurastock-June 11, 1999

Finland-Kauhajoki-Kasino-June 12, 1999

Finland-Seinäjoki-Provinssirock-June 19, 1999

Finland-Jämsä-Himos-June 24, 1999

Finland-Pudasjärvi-Jyrkkäkoski-June 25, 1999

Finland-Kalajoki-Hiekkasärkkä-June 25, 1999

Finland-Kouvola-Midnight Party Planet-June 26, 1999

Finland-Nummijärvi-Nummirock-June 26, 1999

Finland-Eno-Kanavarantarock-July 3, 1999

Finland-Helsinki-Tuska Open Air Festival-July 6, 1999

Finland-Tampere-Tammerfest-July 7, 1999

Finland-Ruovesi-Noitarock-July 9, 1999

Finland-Kiuruvesi-Korpeerock-July 16, 1999

Finland-Joensuu-Ilosaarirock-July 18, 1999

Finland-Liperi-Suvisouturock-July 30, 1999

Finland-Utajärvi-Untorock-July 31, 1999

Finland-Ämmänsaari-Suviyön Sumutus-August 7, 1999

Finland-Korso-Ankkarock-August 8, 1999

Finland-Salo-Vuohisrock-August 14, 1999

Finland-Lohja-Kesärock-August 14, 1999


Oceanborn Europe Tour

Germany-Markneukirchen-Schützenhaus-November 12, 1999

Poland-Katowice-Megaclub-November 13, 1999

Germany-Spremberg-MTS-November 14, 1999

Germany-Berlin-Kesselhaus-November 15, 1999

Germany-Hamburg-Markthalle-November 16, 1999

Netherlands-Groningen-Vera-November 18, 1999

Germany-Osnabrück-Works-November 19, 1999

Belgium-Vosselaar-Biepop-November 20, 1999

Germany-Bochum-Zeche-November 21, 1999

Germany-Saarbrücken-Garage-November 22, 1999

Spain-Barcelona-Mephisto-November 24, 1999

Spain-Madrid-Macumba-November 25, 1999

Spain-Aviles-Quattro-November 26, 1999

Spain-Bergara-Sala Jam-November 27, 1999

Spain-Valencia-Garage-November 28, 1999

Switzerland-Geneve-Undertown-November 30, 1999

Switzerland-Pratteln-Z-7-December 1, 1999

Italy-Torino-Supermarket-December 2, 1999

Austria-Vienna-Planet Music-December 3, 1999

Germany-Kaufbeuren-Zeppelinhalle-December 4, 1999

Germany-Offenbach-Hafenbahn-December 6, 1999

Germany-Braunschweig-FBZ-December 8, 1999

Germany-Köln-Live Music Hall-December 9, 1999

Germany-Bad Salzungen-Kallewerk-December 10, 1999

Germany-Freiberg-Tivoli-December 11, 1999

Germany-Ludwigsburg-Rockfabrik-December 12, 1999



  1. During this Madrid show, Tarja apologizes for having cancelled the previous day show due to illness... Yet the day before they were in Barcelona, and they apparently played according to setlist.fm. Any explanations?
  2. The only known live performances of Moondance were actually only a small fragment inserted in an unknown (original or cover?) instrumental piece.
  3. Unconfirmed gig, see this post.
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This recording has popped up recently on YouTube... and I'm all over it! This is some rare live footage from the 1999 Kanavarantarock show. It's actually the earliest material combining real live sound with real live images that I know of, given that many early bootlegs were audio only and that live performances were often mixed with studio audio tracks.

So we have the band playing a small venue on a makeshift stage without any stage lighting, before a crowd of 100, perhaps 200 people? This summer tour was well described in the biography, where Jukka recalls:

"Tommi [Stolt, bus driver and lighting tech] calls it the 'summer where Nightwish took turns performing with cows', as we were playing all over Finland in these strange, local county fairs, you know! Lindfors [Lenny Lindfors, their booking agent at that time] just kept booking the shows until we had to sack him."

Tuomas adds: "We also played in an event called Enon Kanavarantarock in which we had no lights on stage -- not one single spot. We played at one in the morning, and the only light we had came from Tero's flashlight when he was trying to fix Sami's broken-down amplifier. It had fallen apart the instant the intro tape started rolling!"

Tuomas probably mixed two separate events as it is clear from the video that Nightwish didn't play Eno at one in the morning.

Anyhow, the camera work here is less than stellar, there are many gaps in the video, but there are also some good close-ups and a fine overall recording of the band in this very early performance. The sound quality is also ok considering this is shot from the crowd.

Here's my breakdown of the video:

  • 0:00 Intro (from tape -- ID required)
  • 0:31 "Sacrament of Wilderness" (partial)
  • 3:22 "Astral Romance" (very small fragment)
  • 3:26 "Katyusha", Russian folk song a part of which is played at the end of "Astral Romance"
  • 3:40 "Stargazers" (partial)
  • 4:28 "Passion And The Opera" (partial)
  • 6:10 "Know Why the Nightingale Sings" (partial)
  • 9:36 "Gethsemane" (partial)
  • 13:58 "Walking In The Air" (partial)
  • 14:58 "Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean"
  • 19:09 "Moondance" medley
  • 21:05 "Elvenpath"
  • 25:06 "The Pharaoh Sails To Orion" (partial)

"Moondance" is, again, quite different from the album version. I'm not sure if the medley is all original or a cover of something else, and surprisingly there's no mention of it anywhere.

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  • 2 months later...

This is one I had missed in my YouTube search, a nearly complete audio recording of the Turku show (February 13, 1999), including rare material such as Moondance and Know Why The Nightingale Sings. And of course, one can never have too much Tuomas singing on Beauty And The Beast. 🔥😁 #guiltypleasures


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An amazing picture from "the summer where Nightwish took turns performing with cows", a/k/a Summer 1999. This Kimmo Kirves picture posted on FloorWorld was taken at the Silva Forest Fair in Joensuu, May 29th 1999. As you can see the mosh pit was the place to be at this crowded gig. 😁


Google translation: "The gig of the band Nightwish was not very crowded in 1999, but there was a magazine photographer Kimmo Kirves."

Silly people, jumping around and enjoying themselves instead of recording the show... 😋

Oh and nothing says "power metal" like nice flowers lining the stage. 🤣🌻

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The only official mention I can find of a "Summer Of Wilderness tour" is in the end credits of the End Of Innocence documentary (2003) where it is suggested that it includes both the Finnish and the European legs of the tour.


Of course the European leg of the 1999 tour happened in November and December, so that can't really be part of a Summer tour. Is this a bit of retcon by the band or the DVD editors?

Setlist.fm includes everything from January 1999 to August 1999 as part of the Summer Of Wilderness tour, and that can't be quite right either.

The Nightwish biography (Mape Ollila, 2007) has no mention of a "Summer Of Wilderness" but does describe the Summer tour in Finland and mentions 30 gigs, which may be an approximate figure because it doesn't add up with another quote saying that the tour began in May -- which would be more sensible for a Summer tour. Elsewhere in the book the whole tour is simply called Oceanborn tour.

My conclusion is... we don't really know, but in May 1999 Nightwish started to play every week-end so that looks to me like the start of an organised Summer tour.

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