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Nightwish have ceased to employ John Finberg


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Hmm. I'm disappointed that NW worked with the man to start with, given that apparently everyone in the industry knew he was such a gross person, for years and years. But averting your eyes when women are being harassed has been a staple of the industry and society in general despite Woman rights improving significantly in the last century. Good riddance.

If any of you wonder, it's this guy:




owl1-orange-treasure.png.00d1f7fd3edcbd17154eba677e3957ea.png  R

Mission complete! Now report your findings in the Treasure Hunt thread.

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For history's sake, here's a 2014 interview with Finberg, where he talks among other things about managing the NW tours. He was apparently involved with Re-Vamp too.

Who is the Mystery Man Behind Nightwish North America? (Allie Jorgen, 2014-03-04)


A few highlights:

"In the Spring of 2007, the Nightwish managers asked me to go to Amsterdam for a meeting where they asked me to partner with them and form the North American management company together, where we would manage the band in the US and North America. This gave me the chance to not only have input in more business decisions, but it made me even more motivated because now we were partners in a management company and it was the best thing for the band."

"I was in Thailand and I saw a video of a [Nightwish] song on MTV Asia in my hotel room, back when MTV played videos and thought this is really good. So I emailed everyone I knew and asked if they knew who this band was and this guy who used to be my friend got me in touch with the manager. While I was in Thailand I reached out to the manager, and after only one email exchange, I was hired as their North American booking agent."

"With Nightwish, when I go to Finland, I stay in a coffin at the keyboard player's house, an actual coffin in the guest room. I had heard about it for years that the keyboard player has a basement like a Haunted House with an actual coffin that you sleep in. I am always the first one to ask for the coffin. The second guest room has horror music playing from the 30's and 40's when you flip the light switch."

"I did an interview prior to the last tour and I was asked my opinion about Annette. At the time, I gave my strong opinion that she connected really well with the fans. But Floor can perform the older material the way it needs to be sung. She has the ability to sing the newer material in a way that it sounds better. She can change her voice in a weird way, where it could be six different people singing in the band. If you don't look at the stage, you can almost think that it is not the same person singing all those songs. Her voice goes from A to Z – Compared to A to F – It is like A to Z and then some and she connects well with the fans."

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