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Kiteenarium Story

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A nice video edited and recently posted by Plamen Dimov, the famous Finnish music teacher from Kitee that helped the early NW band members get started on the road to music greatness... It's mostly about the town of their origins, Kitee, how it has been transformed by the band's success, and about the local music festival.


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This could be of interest:

July 31 – August 7, 2023 Nightwish Fans Meeting Kitee


Greetings to all of you who are fans of Finland, Nightwish, Finnish culture, and Finnish music!!!

With this post we will inform you about the summer of 2023. Write it on your calendar:

July 31 – August 7, 2023 Nightwish Fans Meeting Kitee

It’s formally known as KIMAF - Kitee International Music and Art Festival. It started as a yearly festival in 2012 and we had more than 4000 visitors from 67 countries visiting Kitee between 2012-2019. That's an impressive number! We are very proud that people from 5 continents visited the birthplace of the iconic Finnish band Nightwish, wanted to know more about the early years, sang the Kitee song, and met the band if they were nearby.

Now, info about the 2023 event:

As you can see, we changed the name from KIMAF to Nightwish Fans Meeting Kitee 2023, or short: NFM Kitee 2023. It will take place at the same iconic place where all KIMAF started, Kitee Folk School, in the center of Kitee. In this space, we can accommodate singers, musicians, and visitors from around the world during the festival. We can accommodate 50-60 people in three- or four-bed rooms. We will post the conditions and prices in a Word document. As well as the complete program and activities you will be participating in during your stay. There has also been a change in the face of the festival, and we refer to this event as a meeting. You are the main artists, since you can sing Nightwish songs alone/some of you can play piano, guitar or other instruments.

Here are the points of the program:

- The first days we will meet at the Juhlasali - small concert hall in our school, where each of you will present a short story about how you got to know Nightwish, what you know about Finland, etc. With a little help from 2-3 Finnish teachers working at our school, you will face one of the most difficult and exotic languages in the world the same day and the next day. Also, you can learn to make Karelian pie, which is strongly associated with the Karelian area, where you will be.

- There will be a Nightwish Tour, taking you to all important places in the area. We start with Nightwish Story Exhibition, the brand-new exhibition at the center of Kitee, check https://nightwishstory.com/en for more info.

Our next stop will be Röskö / Nightwish Summer Camp, where the albums Imaginaerum, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, and Human :II: Nature were created.

Our next stop is Potoskavaara and Monttu Studios, where 'Once', the most successful Finnish rock album worldwide, was recorded in 2004.

- During the week, there will be a church concert with a number of Nightwish songs on the program. Everyone can join. We can sing Sleeping Sun together at the end of the concert.

- And of course, there will be enough free time where you can enjoy the beautiful Finnish nature and you can try some of the good Finnish food.

Accommodations for the event are as follows:

1. Kitee Folk School, the center of the event - soon will post an email where you can reserve your room

2. The Juurikan vapaa-aikakeskus is located 15 kilometers from the center

3. Karjalanhelmi, 15 km from the city center, on the beach of the lake, exclusively for fishermen

4. Koivikon Kievari is 11 kilometers away from Kitee.

We will post pictures of our school's sauna, swimming pool, rooms, and conditions soon!

Please stay tuned for more detailed info!

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A series of interesting fan videos about Kitee and retracing the Nightwish presence there. The creator visits places related to the band in and around Kitee, fun stuff.

Kitee episode 1: Nightwish history & museum - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOrPUa51otQ

Kitee episode 2: Röskö, Nightwish studio camp - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zA4YFP8bUHA

Kitee episode 3: Rantakenttä stadium, Nightwish first rehearsal and performance place! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlNCuLanrN0

Kitee episode 4: first NIGHTWISH studio! HUVIKESKUS - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJ_yeHDIz6w

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