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Hi from the UK

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Hi all.  I used to be a member of the Islanders forum, not sure what happened to that, it just disappeared sadly.

I got introduced to Nightwish when i was a DJ on local radio and the guy who was on after me who did a rock show

called in sick so I had to do his show.  At that time I knew nothing about rock but I did the show, luckily he had a playlist

and I went through it, being more a pop lover than rock, a lot of it went over my head until I played a track called Stargazers

by a band called Nightwish and I though what the F..K is this, I loved it.  Anyhow I did some research on them and have been a fan

ever since, I now love rock and heavy metal, how my listening habits were changed by that one song.

I am probably one of your oldest members, I am 71, single and live in Liverpool UK.

I am retired now and loving it.

Think that is enough boring you for now, thanks for accepting me as a member.

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Welcome to the forums, Colin the Toffee! You might be our oldest NW fan, but who knows for sure? 😁

It's great that you kept up with the band for so long, many of the Tarja era fans have given up when Anette took over, and not all have returned when Floor joined the band.

As far as I know, a server crash in 2015 or thereabouts took care of the Islanders website and forum and they never really recovered from that hurdle. This was the story for many of the early Nightwish forums.

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