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Nightwish "cover bands"


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Do you know them all? 🙂

"Wishmasters" (warm-up concert for the Over The Hills And Far Away Tour, Finland-Jyväskylä-Lutakko-June 14, 2001)

"Century Child" (warm-up concert for the Century Child World Tour 2002, Finland-Jyväskylä-Lutakko-June 23, 2002)

"End Of Innocence" (warm-up concert for the Summer Of Innocence Tour, Finland-Helsinki-Stella Star Club-June 4, 2003)

"Nachtwasser" (warm-up concert for the Dark Passion Play World Tour, Estonia-Tallinn-Rock Café-September 22, 2007)

Estonian cover band "Natuvissyset" (Dark Passion Play album release party, Finland-Helsinki-Tavastia Club-September 26, 2007)

Japanese cover band "Sushi Patrol" (Dark Passion Play album release party, Germany-Hamburg-Delphi Club-September 28, 2007)

Finnish cover band "Rubber Band of Wolves" (warm-up concert for the Imaginaerum World Tour, United States-Los Angeles-Key Club-January 19, 2012) *only cover band concert performed outside of Europe

Russian cover band "Nevski & The Prospects" (warm-up concert for the Human Nature World Tour, Finland-Oulu-Club Teatria-July 28, 2021 - postponed from April 10, 2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic)



Read up on Nevski Prospekt.



Due to Finland's ban on gatherings and Russian travel bans, the sold-out gig of the super-favourite St. Petersburg band NEVSKI & THE PROSPECTS at The Teatria in Oulu will be postponed to a later date.

The band's drummer Konsta "Nevski Nevanovits" Putinov commented:
"We were really looking forward to this appearance at the Oulu Cultural Hall, but we understand that health and safety must now be put before everything, and the regulations must be respected. In addition to all the other annoyance, our bassist Marek "Markko-Tarot" Russlanov is currently stuck in Ulan Bator, as train services out of there have now all been cancelled until further notice."

The public is advised to keep their tickets, which will be valid as such for the new date concert.




owl1-orange-treasure.png.00d1f7fd3edcbd17154eba677e3957ea.png  L

Find the tracklist of the second Auri album.

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