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  1. Had just my first listen to POTT. Think I need another listening ....
  2. All/most vids from the Sing Meinen Song shows are deleted from youtube and DailyMotion πŸ˜” Luckily JennieZelf puts everything on Odysee πŸ˜ŽπŸ€—πŸ‘ jenniezelf (odysee.com)
  3. Don't know how to link to it but Fugazi posted the article on April 15 in the Floor Jansen section
  4. Floor Jansen in Tilburg KRAAK vraagt door (eng subs) - YouTube Nice interview, mostly about Floor and her solo work.
  5. ... And another 2 enjoyable ones popped up: Cristina Russo - Vocal Coach/Opera Singer FIRST TIME REACTION to Floor Jansen & Nightwish "Ghost Love Score" - YouTube Pardon My Reaction - NIGHTWISH : Ghost Love Score (OFFICIAL LIVE) // REACTION - YouTube
  6. Here the video from the Utrecht show where she speaks about not touring with NW .... Floor Jansen talks at Paragon show about no near-future Nightwish tour. (with subtitles) - YouTube
  7. Enjoyed these ones πŸ€— Rayactions - NIGHTWISH - Ghost Love Score | Singer Reacts | - YouTube Singing Lessons with Katie Jean O'Brien - Voice Teacher Reacts // FIRST TIME ever hearing NIGHTWISH GHOST SCORE LIVE - YouTube
  8. Floor Jansen live at Radio Veronica (eng + Spanish subs ) - YouTube The whole show with subs πŸ€— Many Floor interviews πŸ‘
  9. In Tivoli there was a Woman on bass and some backing vocals and Marcel Visser was also on guitars (so 2 guitar players live). There was also a backing tape running with backing vocals on it.
  10. Yep, it's faithful (Dutch directness 😁)
  11. Just came home from the concert at Tivoli in Utrecht. Was great 🀘 Floor was on fire πŸ”₯ She talks a bit more in between the songs in comparison with NW and she does that very entertainable (is this English πŸ€”) Again the call that it is not her choice not to tour in 2024 with NW. I'm getting more and more curious for the real reason. Heads and numbers please πŸ€—
  12. FLOOR JANSEN solo tour Paragon live @Paradiso, Amsterdam - 11.4.2023 - YouTube at 1:07:14 Floor talkes in Dutch about Nightwish and not touring after te new record. It's clear it's not Floor's choice not to play live for some time with Nightwish. So knows this some time already and is disappointed that she can not do with Nightwish what she loves the most, and that is performing live.
  13. Face Culture has always great interviews πŸ‘ Floor Jansen interview - 'Paragon', pop music, focusing on the good in people + more! (2023) - YouTube
  14. New single: My Paragon Floor Jansen - My Paragon (Official Video) - YouTube I like it β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘
  15. Great news from Floor and Hannes ☺️ Floor Jansen zwanger van tweede kindje: 'Het leven is mooi' (msn.com) (20+) Facebook
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