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  1. Sorry for the huge delay... I started to date this wonderful woman a month ago and that's been basicly the only thing (and work too) I've been doing 😄 But yeah, Finland is a bilingual country, but unfornately many of us arent't that good with it. Mina språkkunskaper är inte i stål, meaning my Swedish is very rusty because I haven't used it in a decade... 😄
  2. haha! @The Concert Phantom wasn't the only one to whom I recommended this site last weekend 😉
  3. I went to Tampere show all by myself and ended up with a bunch of new exciting people. From now on, I will always go to concerts alone 😄 I mean everybody can join me, but I won't do any further plans. 😄
  4. I sure did! And you are in for a treat. I've also decided that someday I will see Nightwish in Canada. And Australia. And Netherlands. Let us know how was it for you! 🙂
  5. Tampere and Helsinki shows (22.4.2022 & 24.2.2022) They opened the gates at 6 pm., I went there at 2.45 pm. It was probably 10 or 15 minutes, and I already found myself in a great conversation about Nightwish with two really nice girls. Soon there were a whole bunch of us talking about Nightwish and how freaking excited we were. I changed my phone number with one of them, and we'll definitely see each other in Nightwish concerts in future. I was in second row, which was pretty fucking amazing. I wasn't so into Lähiöbotox, but the guys had fun so I guess it was the main thing. When Nightwish started their show, I screamed my fucking lungs out. The flames felt really hot on my face, but I kept on jumping, headbanging and shouting. Floor was a bit sick, but she still nailed it as always. There was a little break between two songs in very beginning of the show, and everybody just cheered her and she smiled in the most warming way I've ever seen. And yeah, once again, I shouted a couple times "I LOVE YOU FLOOR!!!!!" because why not. 😄 It was really fun, when some of the people there recognised me from Recordshop X. One really lovely lady even stated me as "the best employee of Record Shop X". That really warmed my little heart. ❤️ The gates opened at 6.30 in Helsinki. I was there at 6.15 and of course I found myself again talking with even more hardcore Nightwish fans than I did in Tampere. I got in the second row AGAIN and had a blast with one of the guys at the show (Ty if you're reading this, hi! 😄), we changed numbers. He even got Emppu's pick and he looked as stunned as me when I got Kai's stick couple years ago. I was so happy for him, he really deserved it. The show was even better than in Tampere, I don't know how come that's even possible... Once again, I headbanged really hard, bonded with supersuper fans who were standing in front of me, made them laugh with my self ironic jokes and I guess that one of those awesome girls let me have Troy's pick which their friend had caught... LIKE WHERE ALL THESE AWESOME PEOPLE CAME FROM!!!???!!!! If anyone of you who I talked with in those two concerts, I love you, you were a huge part of my experience that was EPIC. I did mention only a fraction of you people, but you all made it so fucking perfect. I hope we'll meet again at Nightwish's shows or at Recordshop X Jyväskylä ❤️❤️❤️ This was probably the most awesome weekend I've had in years, I hope that it won't be last. And it won't be. Now I'm tired as hell, my back is aching a bit. Thank goodness I have this weird lotion for my neck, so it's not killing me from all the headbanging. Like I said, I'm so fucking tired, but if I could do it again tomorrow, I definitely would do it.
  6. Duuude I will! Maybe @The Concert Phantom would like to share something as well? 😉 (FYI we met at the concert)
  7. It would have been fucking awesome, but I'm already in Jyväskylä. Also I'm at work this week. Currently I'm exhausted after weekend, but goddamnit it was AWESOME.
  8. I can't wait! The first time I heard Human. Nature I immediatly wanted more!! I guess I'm not the only one though... 😄 Also Tampere show will be in three days!!!!! Can't wait that either. 😄
  9. How come I've missed this? Also sorry for being absent for a while, there has been so much going on in my life 😄
  10. Thank you so much for kind words. There's so much speculation going on and it makes me really anxious, I can't even read the news. I truly hope that things will be ok soon...
  11. Ocean Soul


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9V09kMQGWMc Did you guys see this??!! I got huuuuge Elize Ryd vibes from that new singer! It won't be her but still 😄
  12. Wish I could be there with you @Spartanguy83 banging my head off! 😁🤘 I could post something about Tampere and Helsinki gigs in April, too 🤔
  13. Ocean Soul

    Eye Of Melian

    This is such a beautiful song... I'm pretty sure that Martijn has stolen this from Tuomas' drawer and made it Eye Of Melian's song. Heard this one first time on this Tuesday, laying under a blanket in high fever. Yesterday I found out that I have corona. No worries though, this has been waaaaay much easier than I expected and it has been affecting me less than a normal flu. 🤘
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