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Nightwish trivia part 2 by Ocean Soul

Ocean Soul

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Naaahhhh screw it! I was supposed to post next trivia questions on next week, but I'm having an awesome day, so I'll post next 10 question here and now. And by the way, I'll post 25 new questions on Tuesday, because it's Nightwish's 25th birthday!! 🎉🥳🥂 Without further ado, here is today's trivia! 


1. Name three Floor's other bands than Nightwish. (11)

2. What symphonic orchestra is playing on Nightwish's latest albums? (12)

3. Name three Troy's instruments. (13)

4. Which was Marco's first album with Nightwish? (14)

5. Who is Floor's husband? (15)

6. What was Troy's first album with Nightwish? (16)

7. When is Floor's birthday? (17)

8. What was the name of Anette's first band to have a record deal? (18)

9. Who two vocalists took over Anette's place in Denver 28.9.2012? (19)

10. Who's death is connected to the song Higher Than Hope? (20)

And once again, you can post your answers down here, I'll post the right answers tomorrow! 


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Good stuff again! Some of these I used to know, but got erased from my memory over time.


1. After Forever, ReVamp, Northward

2. Hmm... the London Philharmonic Orchestra?

3. Guitars, uileann pipes, hmm... flutes of some sort, voice? 😁

4. I'd say Century Child... but did he play on Over The Hills And Far Away? I think he didn't.

5. Sabaton drummer Hans Van Dahl (spelling?)

6. As an official band member it was EFMB... but he did play on Imaginaerum, Dark Passion Play... and perhaps even Once? I think I remember Pip Williams introducing Troy to NW during the recording of Once but did he play on that album? Not sure about this one.

7. Hmm... no idea! I'd say June something. But she did just turn 40 so the year is 1981.

8. Alyson Avenue? I don't know if she was part of any other bands before Nightwish.

9. Elize Ryd and Alyssa White-Gluz (but Alyssa barely sang at all IIRC as she wasn't familiar with the lyrics while Elize had auditioned to replace Tarja so she knew at least a couple of songs)

10. Tuomas' American friend who died of cancer... but I can't recall the name just now. Rowland?


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3 minutes ago, Fugazi said:
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Sorry, I couldn't make up my mind. 😁 I'll take a guess:

6. Dark Passion Play


That's great! Better than last time, you got 8/10! Your guess went right, by the way 😎 And really good thinking on question #9! 

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7 minutes ago, Ocean Soul said:

That's great! Better than last time, you got 8/10! Your guess went right, by the way 😎 And really good thinking on question #9! 

So I must have missed #7 and 10, no surprise there! 😁 I'll have to check the story relating to #6. About #9, I watched that show on YouTube a few times, a fascinating story! And Marko singing "Rest Calm" was fire! 🤘

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1 hour ago, Ocean Soul said:

You mean the Denver Debacle? Funny story, I was searching through internet if I could find DVD or Blu-ray of that show, but instead of finding that, I found this forum!! ☺️

Ha! 😄 Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be a quality (or even complete) recording of this once-in-a-lifetime show, but perhaps there are still treasures to be unearthed.

I'm compiling a list of the available YouTube recordings from the various shows, and going chronologically I'm just getting started on the Imaginaerum tour.


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1. Revamp, After Forever, Northward

2. London's philharmonic orchestra

3. Uillean pipes, low whistles, bouzouki, bodhran, aerophone, space guitars (and vocals)

4. Century Child

5. Hannes Van Dahl from Sabaton

6. Dark Passion Play

7. 21.2.1981

8. Alyson Avenue

9. Alissa White-Gluz and Elize Ryd from Kamelot 

10. To American fan Marc Brueland's death (and illness) 

Here are the answers, next questions will be posted on Tuesday! 

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