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Nightwish trivia part 7 by The Quizmaster Ocean Soul

Ocean Soul

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1. What was Edema Ruh's working name? 

2. Who later on successful Swedish vocalist of modern metal band aspired to be in the place of Tarja? 

3. What was the working name for Endless Forms Most Beautiful? 

4. Which was the first completed song on Human. :||: Nature.? 

5. Which Netflix series inspired Tuomas to write it? 

6. Who directed the music video for Noise? 

7. How many instrumental songs does Nightwish have? 

8. Who has a spoken part in Shoemaker? 

9. For which song Kai had to get five more drums? 

10. Which was the hardest song to make to the album Human. :||: Nature? 

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1. ???

2. Elise Ryd

3. ??? (I think the answer is in the "We Were Here" book but I can't remember)

4. I wouldn't know, except that given question #5 I'd choose "Noise" 🙂

5. Black Mirror

6. Stobe Harju

7. Good one! Not that many I think. Let's see...

  • Moondance
  • Last Of The Wilds
  • Imaginaerum
  • Arabesque? The only lyrics are "Arabesque"...
  • The Eyes of Sharbat Gola
  • Elvenjig? Does that count? It's not an album track, and they did play some instrumental cover songs live but this one is original... I think?
  • Most parts of "All The Works Of Nature" are instrumental, some have spoken word, some have choirs-vocals... can we just count it as one?

Did I forget any? My answer would be 7 but it's difficult to draw the line.

8. Johanna Kurkela

9. Tribal

10. I don't know, I would guess "All The Works Of Nature"

May I suggest question #11: Name all of the NW songs sung in Finnish, without misspelling any. 😜

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Ok Fugazi, the answer to the question was really hard for non Finnish speaking people. Here are the answers! 


1. Kaija Koo meets heavy metal (Kaija Koo is really popular Finnish singer but she sings in Finnish so probably 99% of members hasn't ever heard of her)

2. Elize Ryd

3. The Dawkiest album ever 

4. Procession

5. Stranger Things

6. Stobe Harju

7. I guess that there's a couple correct answers to this. I counted Moondance (Oceanborn), Last Of The Wilds (Dark Passion Play), Arabesque (Imaginaerum), Imaginaerum (Imaginaerum), The Eyes Of Sharbat Gula (Endless Forms Most Beautiful), All The Works Of Nature Which Adorn The World (Human. :||: Nature.) You can also count Elvenjig to this! So that equals 7. Or 14 if you count every part of All The Works Of Nature Which Adorn The World as separate songs. 

8. Johanna Kurkela

9. Tribal

10. Music

Since I'm not going to Kaisaniemi next week, I'll post new quiz on Friday, not on Wednesday as I presumed earlier. I hope you had fun once again! 

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