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Mabla says hello


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Hi all,

Quick introduction¬†ūüėČ

I'm a huge fan of After Forever since the Decipher Album. The quality of Floor was instantly obvious. I have seen AF several times live during the years. Most memorable for me were the AF concerts at Pinkpop and Dynamo in 2004 and "de Boerderij Zoetermeer" on 3-3-2006. 

Nightwish was "just" a nice band for me in the Tarja area. I owned the albums Oceanborn (mwah ... 6.5) and Century Child (quite good 8.5) but did not make time to listen to other NW albums. Probably also for the reasons I was not impressed at all by the album reviews and I was listening to heavier stuff at that moment in time. I have seen NW with Tarja once live at Dynamo 2004. Was a solid concert but not mindblowing in my opinion.

When Tarja was fired we discussed with friends that Floor should be the best replacement for Tarja. We now all now this didn't happen and what was the reason behind that. NW continued with Anette. I didn't spent much time on the albums in the Anette area. Till today never I have listen to an Anette album as a whole, only fragments. Reason: not impressed by the Album reviews, not liking the fragments I listened to and complete irritated by the , in my opion, lack of quality and reach of Annette for NW songs in combination with Annettes "toe-curving" poor live performances. It's obvious why there is not an official live album of that area.

I was so happy Floor entered NW.¬†I knew from the start¬†Floor was not just a temporary solution for NW cause Floor is just mindblowing in all dimensions and the perfect fit for NW¬†ūüôā

And Floor proved right...  

In the Floor Area I have seen NW 2 times live now; Endless forms 2015 and Decades 2018. Both concerts were a blast. Of course I have tickets for the Ziggo Dome concert in 2020, however this will probably gonna postponed.

I have seen Revamp live at the Helling in Utrecht 2013 and Floor solo at het Paard in den Haag in 2020. Both concerts were also a blast for me.

As also reacted elsewere on this forum I was disappointed that the official NW stopped. I spent, as a guest, tons of time reading everything and I loved it. I really hope this forum wil reach the same level. To get there members are needed. So that is the reason I decided to be a member now instead of an anonymous guest.



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Welcome! I'm glad that you decided to un-lurk and join the forum. And thanks for the nice introduction!

You're lucky to have discovered Nightwish and Ms Jansen way before I did, and to have so many opportunities to see them live! Somehow I get the feeling that live tours will get fewer and far between. With everyone getting older, the cadence of album releases slowing down, and now with the cost of touring post-Covid (travel, safety...) probably sky-rocketing, we may have fewer opportunities to see them live in the future.


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