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Guess what time is it? It's definitely a Nightwish quiz part 13 time!!

Ocean Soul

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1. I asked last week what connects Kai and this animal, which face has embedded to Kai's face on Human. : || : Nature. 's promo picture. Now I'm asking, what is that animal's name? (I'll give you a bonus point if you know whom after that animal is named!)

2. What is one of Floor's horse's name she used to own and Tuomas' sideproject called? (I mean they both have a same name, but what is it?)

3. Which song was the theme song of Finnish movie Lieksa! ?

4. Where Kai has taught people to play drums? There are actually two places. 

5. Which songs were on Nightwish's first demo? 

6. For which sports team Tuomas composed an entrance song back in early 2000's?

7. When Tuomas quit Nightwish for a while? 

8. When Jukka started being a vegetarist? 

9. About what the music video Noise is according to Tuomas? 

10. With which charity Nightwish collaborated and made the music video Ad Astra? 


And there you have it! For the 13th time already... I'll post the answers tomorrow, 14th quiz will come on next Friday. 

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1. Steve, he's named after Steve Harris (if I'm not terribly wrong!!), the founder and bassplayer of Iron Maiden. 

2. Auri

3. While Your Lips Are Still Red

4. At his home and at Kuula Academy in Vaasa 

5. Nightwish, Forever Moments and Etiäinen

6. For KiPa, Kiteen Pallo. It's Kitee's Finnish baseball (pesäpallo) team. 

7. In Autumn 2001

8. In 2000

9. It's about addiction

10. With World Land Trust

There you go! I made a whole new set of questions today and there's loads of still coming. ☺️

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Sorry for the delay again, I have been working again lots this week-end...

Ok not peeking at the answers!


1. Ha! I actually looked it up after the last quiz, so I do know this one... now! The dog is Steve, named after Steve Harris (Iron Maiden).

2. Auri

3. While Your Lips Are Still Red

4. Hmm... no idea!

5. Nightwish, Forever Moments and Etiainen

6. Kitee baseball team (Kiteen Palo)

7. About 2001, after the Over The Hills tour and before firing Sami.

8. I don't know!

9. About our dependence on social media?

10. World Trust Fund

This one was easier overall, I think. Let's see the answers now! 😁

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