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I am a 27 years old male from Finland. My first time hearing Nightwish was the song "Nemo". At that time in my home town, 

the radio was always on in the bus. So when I took the bus home, I could listen to some finnish "hit" music. I heard "Nemo"

on the bus and thought: "´What a cool song." I was like 10, so I introduced Nightwish to my parents. "Wish I Had An Angel"

had just came out, so my parents gave me a little lesson about things. Anyway, now I study drums in a conservatory in Finland. 

I produce my own music. It's mainly midi-based.

So that nobody need to ask, I use the Fortin Nameless guitar plugin in my newest recordings.

This is my official Youtube channel right now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcoBr_92y1Q


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Hey Stargazer, welcome to the forum, and thanks for the nice introduction! Nice avatar by the way. 👍

Nemo was (and is) probably Nightwish's biggest hit in the mainstream, so it probably helped them expand a lot beyond the metal world -- although they were already huge stars in Finland already by then.

I like the piece you have on YouTube, it's pretty intricate. 🤘 Do you plan on releasing more?

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I think my avatar is cool too! I designed it when i was, maybe, 14, which is almost 15 years ago. This is the original file from that time. 

I want to become a professional musician. As I said, I study drums right now. I don't have a schedule for releasing new music. After all,

I have to go to school and all that. So my release cycle is something like 2 or 3 months, it depends. At times I do 2 songs in one month.

But of course, composing music is very time consuming. You know, it takes Time (II or III months, get it?). This is kind of a symbiotic

relationship. I compose my own music, and then i practice mixing on my own track. So short answer, I will be releasing new music.

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11 hours ago, Stargazer said:

This was my first playing session after my MIDI-keyboard had been in the box for 6 months.

I like it! 😀 The keys and strings sound very early-Nightwish IMO. Did you every play on a pipe organ? And do I hear just a hint of the Escapist melody in the strings?

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I have played Bach pieces on piano when I played classical piano at the age of 15. I played the Toccata And Fuga In D-minor (BWV 565) a lot. But I hardly played it on organ. I also thought that this piece reminds me of "The Escapist." But it was random in the sense, that I didn't try to create an "Escapist" sound. And Of course, I have listened to Nigtwish a lot, so fo course my preferences shine through. I have never been a single band fan-person. I have propably listened to other bands more thatn Nightwish. But my music listening counts in thousands of hours, so Nightwish is still maybe a couple of hundred hours. Plus I play instruments myself.

This is my 2-hour project. Finnish War Drums.



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Thanks! The following is not exactly a song, but 3 riffs. There are also my Fortin Nameless Settings in the end. I used the Focusrite Scarlett interface.


The player doesn't want to show the thumbnail picture. Maybe it will show later. 1st riff from this song:


2nd riff from this song


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