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Nightwish performing at the 2005 World Championships in Athletics


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Usually they break, so you have to buy new equipent. These are some of the risks, being a musician. That is why these "violin-in-the-rain" videos 

are filmed with a 65-dollar violin, so your Stradivarius doesn't get destroyed. Keyboard, bass, mixer, mic etc =  instant loss of 10K or something.

That is why musicians make deals with manufacturers. The artist promises to use their product on gig etc, and the supplier might "give" a new keyboard

after the rain of destruction. A 4000-dollar keyboard is expensive for a single person. The keyboard manufacturer might make millions, so a couple of keyboards for

a well-known artist doesn't cost very much for the "keyboard-company". BUT, the company doesn't want to waste 50K worth of equipment for

just any indie-artist, who doesn't sell any records or who do not "get" any gigs. Everyone knows, which guitar Emppu used in the "End Of An Era" -concert, for instance. Everybody wants to buy that exact model. Just from a business standpoint. On top of that, getting a well-known

artist to use your device is a great way to do "product-development". If the keyboard is missing some important physical connection port, for instance,

the artist only has to call the manufacturer, so they will maybe upgrade the ports in the new model. OF COURSE, if you have 2 million on

your personal bank account, you can just buy as many 4000-dollar keyboards as the shop is willing to sell. That way, you can use anything you want (well, almost).

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I forgot a single point, which was worth mentioning.
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That makes sense, that performance at the World Championships mush have cost the band more in ruined material than whatever amount they were paid to play that one song. But considering the huge product placement, I'm sure Korg and the others were more than happy to provide replacement equipment.

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