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Apocalyptica performing at The World Championships 2005.


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Good stuff! They were lucky enough to perform before it started raining (see the Nightwish performance at the same event)... Cellos and rain probably don't mix well.

Anyway... I'm still waiting for their show in Montreal Canada, I have tickets since 2019 and of course everything keeps being postponed again and again. 😐

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Patience, young Padawan. In my home town (not my current town) we start things and leave a little bit slowly. For instance, somebody wants to leave now from some place. 

The driver says "we'll leave in 15 minutes". After 30 minutes the other guy says: "you said 15 minutes, it's been like 30!" The drives says: "oh yes, we'll leave soon." After 45 minutes the same question. Sometimes this can repeat like 2 or 3 times. Ok, maybe I'm a little bit overreacting. But the train comes when it comes. I don't know if this gives some reference, but Markus Vanhala (Omnium Gatherum, Insomnium) is from my home town (Kotka, Finland.) If you have been to any Omnium Gatherum shows. Actually Omnium Gatherum was founded in Kotka. "Kotka" means "eagle" by the way. It is because Kotka is on the coast, and of course there are eagles on the area. However, I don't remember seeing very many eagles in Kotka.

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I don't know Omnium Gatherum except for the name, but I'm not well versed in death metal. Feel free to discuss those bands though, this is what the Music forum is about.

By the way, since there are a few of you Suomi in the forum now, if you would like a dedicated section for native language chat I don't mind, as long as it's not taking over the whole forum lol! It would require a dedicated moderator, but can be managed.

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I have a lot of finnish people around me right now, so I'm not in a desperate need for a "Finnish only" chat room in that sense. 

But maybe it would be nice. We could have our own secret discusions there, which nobody else understands. 🙂

Of course, if you are bored or something, I don't mind.

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