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Nightwish trivia part 20!

Ocean Soul

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Here we go again for the 20th time! 

1. How old Kai was when he started playing drums? 

2. Who two drummers were Kai's role models?

3. To whom Nightwish dedicated their Metal Of The Year Emma Award in 2021? 

4. What is the name of the road, where is Tuomas' childhood home? 

5. How does the first edition of AFF differ from other editions? 

6. Who actor is on the music video of The Islander? 

7. Which country is Tuomas's favorite to tour in? 

8. How many guitars does Emppu have on tours with him? (Or at least he had on Imaginaerum -tour)

9. Which album's first single describes the best the whole album? 

10. Which three Finnish metal bands Troy has played with? 

There you have it. Remember The Dark Chest Of Prizes, come ooooon will somebody new join my quizdoms already! There's some cool prizes available and I'm able to add one more in there! 😁


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And here come the answers! 


1. 6 years old

2. Clive Burr and Nicko McBrain (up the irons!!)

3. To Marco

4. Potoskavaarantie

5. Cover art, list of the songs and font

6. Hannu Vuorinen

7. FINLAND!!! 🤘

8. He has three. One for the backstage, one for rehearsals and one for the show

9. Read this with Floor's voice: "Well it's definitely... Storytime!!" 

10. Nightwish (of course), Sonata Arctica and Apocalyptica

On the next month I'm going to see Nightwish twice, is anybody else coming to headbang their friggin' heads off and have a blast with me in the front row??!! Also, next quiz on next Friday. Yay!! 

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I'm late this week, had a crazy week-end without much time to sit down and spend time on the computer. Anyway, let's see how I do this time.


1. No idea, I'm guessing 12.

2. Again no idea, so I'll go with some of my favourite drummers: Neil Peart and Danny Carey.

3. Hmm... to Marko? 😁

4. This quiz is not going well! I have no idea. Kitee Main Road it is not.

5. Well the song list is different, it also has a different cover and it's numbered. Do you mean what are the songs that are different? Once Upon A Troubadour and A Return To The Sea will be cut from the original version and replaces with, let's see... Elvenpath, Beauty And The Beast, Tutankhamen, and I must forget something.

6. You're probably not talking about Troy, so I don't know!

7. Probably Finland.

8. Three.

9. It's a hard one, and I can't remember which were the first singles for every album. I'll go with "Noise".

10. Nightwish, Auri, Iona.


Okay looking at the answers, I'm pretty bad! 😆 #10 is confusing though, because he probably played with more than 3 bands.

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Hey thanks for the notice on #10! I edited it, now it's properly formulated (<- is that a right way to say...?) 😄 And you are right about that question, Troy has played with multiple bands. 

But yeah, I'll give you 3 2/3 /9, I left the #10 out. 

And @Fugazi, thank you very much again for participating every. Single. Quiz. So far. You would truly deserve that Moccamaster. 

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