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Nightwish quizlet part 27 by Ocean Soul

Ocean Soul

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Here we go again! Have a blast and remember the Dark Chest Of Prizes 🤘

1. What was the name of Floor's vocal/singing course? 

2. How many people wanted their tickets to be refunded from the show in Seattle 1.10.2012? 

3. Whose resignation would be the end of Nightwish according to Tuomas? 

4. What is the funniest wrong name for uillean pipes Troy has heard? 

5. Mention three Tuomas' favourite science authors. 

6. Which song is written about Walt Disney? 

7. Whose book inspired Tuomas to write Creek Mary's Blood? 

8. Who has done the notations of Endless Forms Most Beautiful and Human. :||: Nature. albums? 

9. What was Jukka Nevalainen's artist name back in the days? 

10. Which was John Two-Hawks' favourite soft drink? 

And there you have it yet once again. I'm going to do a post to teach non-Finnish-speakers to curse in Finnish. Stay tuned! 😁 Also Fugazi will post his own quiz, go check that out too when it's out! Happy holidays from Finland and stay safe. 

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I expect another major fail today! 😁


1. I don't know! "Growls and belts"? 😁

2. Only one I think? The fool! 🙄

3. Floor's.

4. Hmm... Uterine pipes?

5. Ok, I'd say Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, David Attenborough.

6. FantasMic.

7. Hmm, I don't remember.

8. Pip Williams?

9. Julius I think.

10. Uhh? Dr Peppers? 😄

I don't have a good feeling about this! 🤔😁

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Here cometh the answers: 


1. Wanna be a star?

2. One. Gosh I could have chopped my freaking leg off to get that ticket... 😂

3. Floor's 

4. Ulverian pipes (I'm not 100% sure, this was in one of Peter Orullian's interviews with Troy) 

5. Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Steven Pinker, Jared Diamond, Esko Valtaoja, Yuval Noah Harari, Carl Sagan

6. Fantasmic

7. Creek Mary's Blood by Dan Brown

8. Kasperi Heikkinen

9. Julius

10. Mountain Dew (actually it's my favorite too, the super nova is soooo yummy!)

Since Nightwish's shows in Tampere and Helsinki are postponed, new quiz will be here normally on Friday. 😄

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4 hours ago, Fugazi said:


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2. I understand the feeling!

4. Unless it's "ovarian"? Somehow I had in mind it had to do with gynecology!

8. The guitarist?

10. I must ask where do you find this random stuff! 🤣


4. Probably yeah! 

8. Maybe yeah. His name is on those notation books' credits. 

10. That was on the Nightwish self titled book released in 2006 if I remember correctly the year. It was just some random detail which got stuck on my head so I made a question of it. 😁


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