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POLL: Would you settle for a virtual NW show?


POLL: Would you settle for a virtual NW show?  

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  1. 1. Given that the world tour keeps being postponed, would you like NW to attempt a virtual (streaming) live show? Would that be a good way to tide us over, or would it only spoil the pleasure of hearing the new songs live for the very first time?

    • Yes, bring on a virtual show!
    • A virtual show but no new songs yet.
    • An acoustic virtual show, think Planet Rock but with the whole band.
    • None of that virtual smoke and mirrors, only real live will do!
    • NEW OPTION: A symphonic virtual show with full orchestra.

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Nice poll, good question 😁

Only the real deal 🤘

The whole experience is what it makes impossible to replace a live concert by virtual streaming for me. This includes the tension for getting and having the tickets, the travel trip to the concert, finding the venue, excitement while waiting (in the rain) before entering, passing the search, too much people in the lobby while storing jackets, go for a toilet, checking merchandise stand, buying drinks, seeing a support act, jut have basic fun with friends, the moment the lights go down, putting in earplugs, feeling the energy in the crowd and from the band, the sound level, your legs vibrating by the double bass kicks, short of eyes to see it all happening, and the satisfied feeling and hoarse voice when you go home after an amazing concert. + of course the hindside fun years after certain legendary concerts (can you remember... e.g. I've seen Pantera during the Vulgair Display of Power tour in Paradiso Amsterdam, we still talk about that concert .... )  

No way virtual can replace this. For me virtual feels like a DVD experience.

I hope we are released soon ... 


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I pretty much feel like you do. The question stems from me having watched/attended? such a virtual show yesterday, and it was a mixed experience. The band was Lacuna Coil, and they had already started touring, but they didn't make it to North America before the pandemic shutdown. So they set up a stage and tech team in Milano I believe and did the whole of their latest album live.

So technically it was pretty amazing, nice camera work and great sound, and the band was great. But it certainly wasn't immersive like a real live show can be, regardless of the size of the TV set or the home equipment. It did feel at times like watching a live DVD, and the fact that it was streamed live didn't register too much with me -- except that there was no crowd cheering between the songs, and that was a bit jarring.

So I loved being able to hear the new songs live for the very first time, and I would pay the (reasonable) ticket price again without a second thought. But a live show experience it was not, and the crowd energy was sorely lacking.

That said, I wouldn't mind if NW tried something different, like a show they wouldn't normally do but could try as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I mean they aren't above experimentation, I'm looking at the Imaginaerum movie for instance. That's why I suggested an acoustic gig, it's not something they would do as a full-on tour, but maybe could work as a virtual show.

Or... that mythical show with a full orchestra? They couldn't bring an orchestra on tour, but could it work as a live stream + DVD ? Just daydreaming here... 😁

Actually I could add that option to the poll, didn't think of it before.

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Been thinking about this, if NW were to put on a live streaming show, it would be a perfect time to bring back a few oldies that haven't been played so often. Or some of the lesser known songs from their more recent albums. There won't be anyone clapping and cheering anyway, so who cares if they don't play all of their usual hits! 😆

That's if they don't want to spoil too much of their Human Nature show, of course. They could just go ahead and play the normal HN show playlist, but wouldn't that hurt their tour sales?

Anyway, I remember reading somewhere that the band would consider doing a live streaming show eventually, but since Floor and Troy can't travel right now it's not something possible in the short term.

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Well now that this virtual show has become a thing, it would appear that it will be focused on the new album. But since it's a one-off (well... two-off) they could attempt to play songs they wouldn't play in a regular tour. I do look forward to details about the setlist, but it's possible it will all be kept secret until the show.

Anyway, looking forward to this. I know it won't be anything like a real show, but the thought of hearing the new songs live is exciting. And also a good way for the band members and crew to survive financially to the pandemic.

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