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Huge compliments to Fugazi


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Thanks mabla! 👍 I'm trying to make this place a combination of chat room and information repository, where fans of all eras can find something they will enjoy. There's plenty of work still to be done! Especially seeing the fleeting nature of Internet, where most of the very active NW forums and web resources of the past are dead now, and the current ones (FB, Discord, Reddit, YouTube) are designed for spontaneous chat and rections but not so much for long term recording of important moments. I still can't get over the fact that years of efforts were lost with the shutdown of the official forums, but some of that can still be found in the cached archives. Anyway, here's hoping that NW live long and there are many more shows to be enjoyed and tales to be told! 😀 Oh and yes, I also need to work on promoting the forums, it's nice to have company in here! 😆 

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