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Hello from Rock and Roll City!

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Hey everyone!


I'm Miranda, from Cleveland, OH!


I've been a fan of Nightwish since mid-2015, I discovered them because I was a big fan of Sabaton and learning that Hannes van Dahl was married to Floor, I decided to check her body of work as well. And as they say, the rest is history.


I spent a lot of time in the fan groups on Facebook, but much like a lot of you I really longed for the old days when forums and fansites were the primary places for fans to gather online. Facebook never sat right with me and I ended up deleting entirely earlier this year. I've lurked Reacticide for a long time but was always intimidated by the fast pace - lovely as everyone there seems.  I was really relieved to find a smaller, quieter community that had roots in the old forum-style format. I didn't get to participate in the old forums, but I'm here now!

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Hey Miranda!

Nice to have you here! 👍 Feel free to look around, this forum is young, we're still building things up, and my goal is to have interesting material for fans of all eras of Nightwish.

It's exactly the point of this place, trying to recreate the slow(er) pace of the defunct official NW forum, where I spent a good while reading everything before it crashed down for all time. I'll make sure to backup things every once in a while! 😆

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