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Vehicle of Spirit (2016)


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Vehicle Of Spirit (2016)


recorded during the Endless Forms Most Beautiful World Tour (2015-2016)


DVD/BR Track list (with relevant threads when available)

The Wembley Show (Wembley Arena, London UK, Dec. 19, 2015)

  1. Shudder Before the Beautiful
  2. Yours Is an Empty Hope
  3. Ever Dream
  4. Storytime
  5. My Walden
  6. While Your Lips Are Still Red
  7. Élan
  8. Weak Fantasy
  9. 7 Days to the Wolves
  10. Alpenglow
  11. The Poet and the Pendulum
  12. Nemo
  13. I Want My Tears Back
  14. Stargazers
  15. Ghost Love Score
  16. Last Ride of the Day
  17. The Greatest Show on Earth

The Tampere Show (Tampere Stadium, Tampere Finland, July 31, 2015)

  1. Shudder Before the Beautiful
  2. Yours Is an Empty Hope
  3. Amaranth
  4. She Is My Sin
  5. Dark Chest Of Wonders
  6. My Walden
  7. The Islander
  8. Élan
  9. Weak Fantasy
  10. Storytime
  11. Endless Forms Most Beautiful
  12. Alpenglow
  13. Stargazers
  14. Sleeping Sun
  15. Ghost Love Score
  16. Last Ride of the Day
  17. The Greatest Show on Earth


  1. Weak Fantasy (Orpheum, Vancouver Canada)
  2. Nemo (Luka Park Stadium, Buenos Aires Argentina)
  3. The Poet and the Pendulum (Teatro Metropolitan, Mexico City Mexico)
  4. Yours Is an Empty Hope (Laulurinne Autodrome, Joensuu Finland)
  5. 7 Days to the Wolves (Barona Areena, Espoo Finland)
  6. Sleeping Sun (Masters Of Rock Festival, Vizovice Czech Republic)
  7. Sahara (Ritz Club, Tampa USA)
  8. Edema Ruh (acoustic) (Baltic Princess Cruise, Turku Finland)
  9. Last Ride of the Day (Rock In Rio, Rio de Janeiro Brazil)
  10. Élan (Enmore Theatre, Sydney Australia)
  11. Richard Dawkins interview
  12. Backstage documentary


From the band:


Troy: Back in the Imaginaerum tour we were playing in Los Angeles, and I invited a friend of mine. He’s a keyboardist who, at the time, was playing with Joe Cocker, the legendary blues singer. I invited him along to see it, and he was curious to see what I was up to. He was expecting a straightforward metal band; he was expecting the star of Astaroth and the naked woman covered in blood kind of stuff. He was came to us after the show visibly shocked, saying that he didn’t expect what he saw. He didn’t expect the subtlety within the band, the intricacy of some of the music, the symphonic elements of it. He came to it cold, he had no idea what we were doing, he only knew that I was on it. He later sent me an email, just fanatical about how wonderful the night had been, and he described the connection between us on stage was like no other band he had ever seen. He could sense something coming from the people, and he called us “a vehicle of spirit that defies category.” That was the most beautiful bunch of words.  When I told Tuomas about it he kind of flipped out on how beautiful it was too.

We used the phrase “Vehicle of Spirit” on the back of a t-shirt on the Imaginaerum tour, but it kind of stayed there. When were looking for a title for this DVD, something that would express how we all feel, the way we all are at this point in time within the band, and “Vehicle of Spirit” had to be it. Also, it describes us as a band, but it also describes the fans as well. It’s a lovely title.

(From https://www.metalblast.net/interviews/the-greatest-show-on-earth-troy-donockley-of-nightwish/)

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