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Planet Rock 2020 acoustic performance (Nemo and How's The Heart)


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The first "live" performance of new material? Sort of.

I will comment the song later in the Music section, but this... this version is amazing. Such a stripped down yet powerful delivery of a song looking deceptively simple yet likely very technically challenging. Thank you to Planet Rock for making this possible, especially with the tour being delayed for probably many months!


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1 March 2022


Troy and Floor's acoustic version of "Nemo" has hit a million views! Here's a little bit of background to the legendary recording -

"As part of our 'Human :II: Nature' promotional tour of Europe, myself and my little sister Floor were asked to perform an acoustic set for the UK radio show 'Planet Rock'. I arranged two songs at very short notice - The old NW corker 'Nemo' and the new NW corker 'How's the Heart'. Surprisingly, it was something of a triumph; especially considering its background. It started well with me falling down a staircase in the hotel an hour before the shoot. Yes, I launched myself after breakfast and as I approached the solid marble floor from a height I remember thinking "this could be really bad..." however, in midair I called on my stuntman training (I was the stunt coordinator on the Indiana Jones movies) and, flailing beautifully, landed with a loud splat, like a big stupid flailing thing. The hotel staff were very impressed as I limped off heroically laughing.

Then, after crawling through London in a taxi, we were told that we only had time for one run-through of the songs (!) and Floor hadn't a clue what I was going to be up to with my traumatised guitar. So off we went, into the valley we rode, knowing there was time for only one take.

And that was it, for all the world to see.

The photo attached is proof of how terrified and miserable we both were..."



The recording took place in February 2020...



27 February 2020


Myself and Floor are in London recording a live acoustic session for ‘Planet Rock’. Look how miserable we are!

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