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Made In Hong Kong (And In Various Other Places) (2009)


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Made In Hong Kong (And In Various Other Places) (2009)


Recorded during the Dark Passion Play World Tour (2007-2009). Live tracks were mixed from multiple shows, hence the "And In Various Other Places" disclaimer. According to the album liner, venues recorded included Hong Kong, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Austria and the UK.

The angry owl design first appears here. It was created by Thomba Mähönen, and if you happen to know who they are in relation to the band, do let me know.


Track list (with relevant threads when available)

Live performance (CD)

  1. Bye Bye Beautiful
  2. Whoever Brings The Night
  3. Amaranth
  4. The Poet And The Pendulum
  5. Sahara (Note 1)
  6. The Islander (Note 2)
  7. Last Of The Wilds (Note 2)
  8. 7 Days to the Wolves
  9. Escapist (studio version)
  10. While Your Lips Are Still Red (studio version)
  11. Cadence Of Her Last Breath (previously unreleased demo version, sung by Marko Hietala)

Extras (DVD)

  1. Bye Bye Beautiful (official video)
  2. Amaranth (official video)
  3. The Islander (official video)
  4. Back In The Day... Is Now (tour documentary)



  1. Recorded at Ilosaarirock in Joenssuu on July 13, 2008.
  2. With guest instrumentalist Troy Donockley. Recorded at the Astoria in London in March 2008.


From the band:


Rock Hard, June 2006 (from https://web.archive.org/web/20090209063600/http://nightwishbg.110mb.com/interviews/rock-hard06.2004.htm)

Nightwish will be hyped up constantly until the late summer of 2005. The ‘Once Upon A Tour 2004-2005’ will be gigantic in all respects and it will bring the band to almost every corner of the earth. So the release of a live-recording is bound to occur of course.
“We will start with Festival-performances in Europe, followed by our first headliner-tour in North American with our label-mates Lullacry as a support act and a one or two weeks long Finland-tour in September/October”, Marco lists.
“Afterwards we will tour the rest of Scandinavia, continental Europe and South America”, Tuomas adds. “Perhaps we will lose our way also to Japan, Australia, Russia and North America. But we also have offers from other countries. The Israelis want us to perform over there but I am not sure if we will dare to perform there because of the tense situation.
I hate live-albums but still we managed to decide that we will record an EP if we should play in Hong Kong. Of course the record will be called ‘Made in Hong Kong’ then…”

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Tuomas, about the "Back In The Day... Is Now" documentary:

(excerpts from http://ylex.yle.fi/videot/ylexweb/tuomas-holopainen-aamun-vieraana, translated here)


DJ1: Nightwish will soon release a live DVD recorded during last tour and we have it in our hands here. What are we going to pick from it for our listeners?

T: Lets have the... can't remember the track number... but it's called Sahara which if my memory serves was recorded at Ilosaarirock, Joensuu last summer.

DJ1: The track can be found on the live album: Nightwish Made In Hong Kong due out in March, album has the same name as does the documentary which tells about the band's last tour which lasted 14 months.

DJ2: Tuomas, yesterday we viewed the documentary and it illustrates quite colourfully your long journey from Israel to South America. There are a few takes on the tour bus where you entertain yourselves with a card game which isn't quite like something trendy as Texas Hold'em but very domestic "Känni-Uuno" ("Blasted Uuno") Would you mind opening the deepest of this game to us?

T: It was actually the first time we got into this particular game. I think that the documentary found on the release actually is quite depressing and gloomy and these "Känni-Uuno" snippets dropped here and there will add some necessary nice "comic relief" parts in between the documentary. But analyzing the deepest of "Känni-Uuno", no I can't really say there is such thing.

DJ2: Maybe it is concentrated in the fact that Marco Hietala can be seen several times quite drunk playing the intense game.
You mentioned the fact that this documentary is partially quite gloomy and I can confirm it after I saw it last night. To tell the truth it was like watching a documentary of a band that had split up already. Lots of talk about bumps on the road and conflicts and such, which raises the question: In what kind of shape Nightwish is right now?

T: Nightwish is doing excellent, it's not about that. The interview parts for this documentary were made on the last days of the tour in Chile and the whole gang was completely wrecked at the time. Not only the band but also the techie crew and management personnel. At that time when everybody were expressing their feelings they probably used maybe too direct language on some occasions but the band haven't been on the edge at any time, we got along well and now we've had a three months break before we will continue in March, so everybody has got a new charge to hit the road again for the DPP tour pt 2.

DJ2: If we go back to the previous part of the tour, it was in many ways "breaking in" the new. New vocalist but old fans, many new places were covered, but where did the worst bumps as you said on the documentary, where did they occur on that tour?

T: Well, I think that the basic big mistake we did in the beginning was that we did about 160 gigs in one year which was 40 more than we did on the whole Once tour earlier in two years. I mean the pace was too much for us. While even the male members were about to stall on the last leg, one can only imagine how hard it must have been for Anette, the newcomer who had to receive all the pressure, at least twice as hard as we others. If we could roll back a year and a half, then maybe we wouldn't do so many gigs in that period.

DJ1: In the documentary you Tuomas describe the touring group as "mobile marriage of 15 people". What kind of glue it takes to hold this kind of marriage together?

T: Taking care of each others. Friendliness. Asking every morning how are you, may I help you with something today? It starts with the basics.

DJ2: Who would do the nagging in that kind of marriage? Who will do sulking?

T: Everyone on their turn! (laughs)

DJ1: In the documentary were comments about Anette leaving the stage crying in Brasil. For the reason she told that the smoke machine was placed wrong, stress and failing security issues, most likely it was the summary of many things. How do you keep yourself in shape on tours like these when all the depressing elements start coming on you?

T: I never really had such big problems. When the home-sickness and tiredness hits you, you must know you have to take some rest in the hotel room and remember that you'll get home in no time.


DJ1: In the documentary there's a lot of tired rambling along the road, added with Hietala's drunken silliness, flashing ass and so on. Which is more common on tours, getting foolish or getting nuts?

T: I think they occur fifty-fifty (laughs) ...hey, you make the documentary sound more than interesting but we had to look for some "comic relief" clips to place between the somewhat dark atmosphere of the footage. It's a classic: show people dead drunk or flashing bare skin, it'll always work. (grinning face)

DJ2: Do we get a completely wrong image? Is it Marco who holds this "comic relief" together alone or have you others bribed the director to cut you out of the most embarrassing scenes?

T: We talked about the philosophy behind "Känni-Uuno". There is a point: players will make a silent deal about who they'd turn against, and then everyone together will play against the poor guy. That night it happened to be Marco and the results are there to be seen in the documentary. (laughs)

DJ2: Did Anette ever play "Känni-Uuno"?

T: Anette plays Uuno quite often but that night she wasn't there.

DJ1: It's been three months since the last gig, how have you Tuomas charged your batteries for the upcoming tour?

T: I spent a couple of weeks in Orlando, at The Disney World meeting Donald, Goofy and company. After that I've tried to take it easy, stay at home and so on. I've had all kinds of things going on all the time to keep my mind alert but now I've got a huge drive to hit the road again.

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