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2018 Decades World Tour


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2018 Decades World Tour

Details on Wikipedia


Setlist (from Wiki; specific setlists at setlist.fm)


The following setlist was performed at the first show of the tour at The Tabernacle, but has since had alterations to it:

  1. "End of All Hope"
  2. "Wish I Had an Angel"
  3. "10th Man Down"
  4. "Come Cover Me"
  5. "Gethsemane"
  6. "Élan"
  7. "Sacrament of Wilderness"
  8. "Dead Boy's Poem"
  9. "Elvenjig" (live premiere)
  10. "Elvenpath"
  11. "I Want My Tears Back"
  12. "The Carpenter"
  13. "The Kinslayer"
  14. "Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean"
  15. "Nemo"
  16. "Slaying the Dreamer"
  17. "The Greatest Show on Earth (Chapters I, II and III)"
  18. "Ghost Love Score"



(with links to recordings available on YouTube - 🎤🎤🎤 sound quality - 🎞️🎞️🎞️ image quality - pro recording)


United States-Atlanta GA-Tabernacle-March 9, 2018

United States-Charlotte NC-The Filmore-March 10, 2018

United States-Norfolk VA-The Norva-March 12, 2018

United States-Baltimore MD-Lyric Theater-March 13, 2018

United States-New York NY-Playstation Theater-March 14, 2018

United States-Philadelphia PA-Electric Factory-March 16, 2018

United States-Worcester MA-The Palladium-March 17, 2018

United States-Albany NY-The Egg-March 18, 2018

Canada-Montreal QC-Metropolis-March 20, 2018

Canada-Toronto ON-Massey Hall-March 21, 2018

United States-Niagara Falls NY-Rapids Theatre-March 23, 2018

United States-Cleveland OH-Agora Theater-March 24, 2018

United States-Pittsburgh PA-Stage AE-March 25, 2018

United States-Covington KY-Madison Theater-March 26, 2018

United States-Kalamazoo MI-State Theatre-March 28, 2018

United States-St. Louis MO-Touhill Performing Arts Center-March 29, 2018

United States-Minneapolis MN-The Myth-March 30, 2018

United States-Chicago IL-Aragon Ballroom-March 31, 2018

United States-Omaha NE-Sokol Auditorium-April 2, 2018

United States-Denver CO-Paramount Theatre-April 3, 2018

Canada-Edmonton AB-Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium-April 5, 2018

United States-Spokane WA-Knitting Factory-April 6, 2018

Canada-Vancouver BC-Queen Elizabeth Theater-April 7, 2018

United States-Portland OR-Roseland Theater-April 8, 2018

United States-Las Vegas NV-Brooklyn Bowl-April 10, 2018

United States-Ventura CA-The Majestic Ventura Theatre-April 12, 2018

United States-San Jose CA-City National Civic-April 13, 2018

United States-Anaheim CA-City National Grove-April 14, 2018

United States-Tempe AZ-Marquee Theatre-April 15, 2018

United States-Dallas TX-The Bomb Factory-April 17, 2018

United States-Memphis TN-Minglewood Hall-April 18, 2018

United States-Mobile AL-Saenger Theater-April 19, 2018

United States-St. Petersburg FL-Jannus Landing-April 21, 2018

United States-Miami FL-Olympia Theater-April 22, 2018


Estonia-Tallinn-Saku Suurhall-May 18, 2018

Czechia-Plzen-Metalfest Open Air-June 1, 2018

Netherlands-Nijmegen-Forta Rock-June 2, 2018

Denmark-Copenhagen-Copenhell-June 21, 2018

France-Clisson-Hellfest-June 24, 2018

Norway-Kvinesdal-Norway Rock-July 6, 2018

Finland-Joensuu-Ilosaarirock-July 13, 2018

Finland-Lahti-Mukkulan tapahtumapuisto-July 21, 2018 (Note 1)

Germany-Wacken-Wacken Open Air-August 3, 2018

  • Full show  🎤🎤🎤 🎞️🎞️🎞️

Switzerland-Schaffhausen-Stars in Town-August 7, 2018

Spain-Villena (Alicante)-Leyendas del Rock Festival XIII-August 9, 2018

United Kingdom-Derbyshire-Bloodstock Festival-August 12, 2018

  • Full show  🎤🎤🎤 🎞️🎞️🎞️

Romania-Bucharest-Open Air Romexpo-August 17, 2018

Bulgaria-Varna-Varna Rock Festival-August 19, 2018


Brazil-Sao Paulo-Tom Brasil-September 28, 2018

Argentina-Buenos Aires-Estadio Malvinas-September 30, 2018

Chile-Santiago-Teatro Caupolican-October 2, 2018

Colombia-Bogota-Royal Center-October 4, 2018

Mexico-Mexico City-Arena Ciudad de Mexico-October 7, 2018


Sweden-Göteborg-Partille Arena-November 2, 2018

Denmark-Copenhagen-Valby Hallen-November 3, 2018

Germany-Berlin-Max-Schmeling Halle-November 5, 2018

Germany-Hamburg-Barclaycard Arena-November 6, 2018

Belgium-Antwerp-Lotto Arena-November 7, 2018

Germany-Oberhausen-König-Pilsener Arena-November 9, 2018

France-Paris-Accorhotels Arena-November 10, 2018

  • Full show  🎤 🎞️

Switzerland-Genf-Arena-November 11, 2018

Slovakia-Bratislava-Incheba Expo Arena-November 13, 2018

Germany-München-Olympiahalle-November 14, 2018

Germany-Leipzig-Arena-November 16, 2018

Poland-Krakow-Tauron Arena-November 17, 2018

Czechia-Prague-02 Arena-November 19, 2018

Hungary-Budapest-Arena-November 20, 2018

Switzerland-Zurich-Hallenstadion-November 22, 2018

Germany-Nürnberg-Arena Nürnberger Versicherung-November 23, 2018

Germany-Stuttgart-Schleyerhalle-November 24, 2018

Netherlands-Amsterdam-Ziggo Dome-November 26, 2018

  • Full show  🎤 🎞️

Germany-Saarbrücken-Saarlandhalle-November 27, 2018

Spain-Madrid-Wizink Center-November 30, 2018

Spain-Barcelona-Sant Jordi Club-December 1, 2018

Spain-Bilbao-Bizkaia Arena BEC-December 2, 2018

Italy-Milano-Medionalum Forum-December 4, 2018

Germany-Frankfurt-Festhalle-December 5, 2018

United Kingdom-Wembley-The SSE Arena-December 8, 2018

United Kingdom-Birmingham-Arena Birmingham-December 10, 2018

United Kingdom-Manchester-Manchester Arena-December 11, 2018

Finland-Turku-Gatorade Center-December 14, 2018 (Note 1)

Finland-Helsinki-Hartwall Areena-December 15, 2018 (Note 1)



  1. Featuring accordionist Netta Skog.
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A new live performance released, this time Elvenjig/Elvenpath from October 4 2018 in Bogota!

Considering this is a show where reportedly Floor was not feeling so good (flu?), it's still a fine performance and the guys look like they're having great fun on stage! 👍

Were any other venues filmed on the Decades tour, besides Bogota and Buenos Aires?



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  • 10 months later...

I was at the Massey Hall show in Toronto for this tour on March 20, 2018. Ended up getting floor seats for that show, and even got myself another meet-and-greet.

Unfortunately, two or three days ago, I ended up getting quite ill and was fighting against my cough which was popping up a lot. I was not going to let myself miss that show, being that the band played an important part in my life. I went to the venue quite very early in the morning, and got to watch all the roadies and crew do their work - even had a great conversation with a security guard.

I did wait to see if any of the band members would arrive, but I only ended up seeing Ewo Pohjola arriving. He even gave me one of Emppu's guitar picks. I still have that pick to this day. 🙂 A few fans did come, but it was only short conversations I had with them. And at the side of the venue, I thought I met Emppu, though I was certain it was one of the technicians that looked like him. I did decide to come back later as I looked around the Eaton Centre.

While I was waiting to meet the band in a line-up later, my left ear was starting to ring and it became gradually louder overtime while I was waiting. Eventually, the hearing in my left ear became muffled, and I became a bit panicked at the thought that I was losing my hearing. A couple of people that were lining up to meet the band noticed me panicking even when I was telling them and were beginning to worry about me.

After going downstairs where the tables were set up for the band, we are all waiting for the band to come out. I bought a shirt there with the tour dates and tipped the merch people $50. While waiting, the left side of my ear was beginning to feel hot, and I had that feeling of being light-headed. People in line were asking if I was okay and if I needed to sit down, because they thought I was going to faint. I did sit at one of the tables and a lady in line was nice to save my spot in line.

Kai was the first one that I said hello to. I asked him if he remembered me and he did from the London Ontario show in 2016. He signed my copies of Wintersun's debut and "Time I". I felt really awkward saying hello to Emppu, but I guess it was nervousness. Marko signed my copies of Delain's "April Rain" and "The Human Contradiction". When I said hello to Floor, I congratulated her for the kid she and Hannes had, and she thanked me. Both Troy and Tuomas signed two copies of Tuomas' solo album as I had one for a school teacher that I introduced the music of Nightwish to.

Had the picture with them afterwards. Being that I was really ill, I decided to thank them and not shake any hands in fear that I would get one of the members ill in turn. Got my pre-signed poster, signed items and went off happy and satisfied like the last time I met them. They weren't aware that I was ill and I did not want to tell them as I didn't want them to worry about me.

They went on to perform a phenomenal set, even if my left ear was muffled. Even got to move to the front of the stage from my seat and watch at the edge of the stage. In the end, I managed to get Marko's setlist as I was on his side of the stage. I did get people offering me $100 for the setlist I had, but it is now at home and hanging up on the wall in my room for memories' sake. And I eventually got my hearing back and got better afterwards. 😄

The setlist from the Toronto show:

  1. End of All Hope
  2. Wish I Had an Angel
  3. 10th Man Down
  4. Come Cover Me
  5. Gethsemane
  6. Elan
  7. Sacrament of Wilderness
  8. Deep Silent Complete
  9. Dead Boy's Poem
  10. Elvenpath (with Elvenjig)
  11. I Want My Tears Back
  12. The Carpenter
  13. The Kinslayer
  14. Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean
  15. Nemo
  16. Slaying the Dreamer
  17. The Greatest Show on Earth (I - III)
  18. Ghost Love Score


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Thanks for sharing! You really do make the most out of your gigs, it's awesome!  And as a bonus Nightwish even healed your ear condition! 😁 I would feel nervous speaking to Emppu too, given that he hardly ever speaks in public!

I never met the band, but I wouldn't know what to tell them if I had a chance to do so. I mean, I would want to convey some of sense of gratitude for the way their music has energized me for a good number of years now, but I'd feel like repeating stuff they must have heard over and over. Ah well, with Covid now I'm not sure they even offer meet-and-greets anymore. 🤔

I couldn't catch them on the 2018 tour, and had I known that it would be Marko's last I might have tried harder... But it was back when I really had too many things going on professionally and basically didn't have any time left for anything else. I'll make sure not to repeat the same mistake this time!

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It did! Though it took about two or three weeks for me to get better, and a bit of medicine for my excessive coughing and ear drops for my ear!

Yeah, I didn't know it would be Marko's last tour with Nightwish either - but I am very happy that I did get to see him perform with them four times.

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  • 4 months later...

Found myself in footage from the Toronto show at Massey Hall during "Gethsemane". I'm the one on the far left in front of the stage. You can see Tuomas give me a thumbs up at the end, being that I was doing an imitation of him playing keyboards, even though I know nothing about keyboards and piano lol.


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