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2012: The End of another Era (Anette to Floor)


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Tuomas Holopainen talks about Anette Olzon

14 Nov 2012

Holopainen sheds some light on the matters in an interview for the Finnish MTV3 channel news at the Imaginaerum opening night press conference.


Main points:

TH thinks it's natural for the fans to feel confused.

"It would be surprising if that wasn't the case. However, this is not such a big deal. The band has existed for 16 years and has gone through three line-up changes. This not a soap opera and we're not actors. This is a band, and music should be the only thing that matters."

According to him, all NW members feel more at ease now, after the change of vocalist. TH has not cut off his relations with Olzon, and the two have been in contact since early October but mostly regarding practical matters.

"We have arranged practicalities for the future. We have talked about financial matters and how they will be taken care of. We have been in contact as much as we have needed to," says TH.


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13 Nov 2012

From the UK to Finland and back home in The Netherlands


Dear reader,

At the moment I write these words to you I am sitting on the couch, at home with my homemade super black coffee. I want reflect on the last week. So much happened!

Let us go back one week and a day ago. Early wake up, train to airport (with detour), flight to Manchester. Arrival at the venue at 14:00 or so. It felt great to see the band and crew again. Still new but also so familiar. We picked up were we left in the US, both personal as musically.

I also met the engines behind the British fanclub ‘The Islanders’. We would have meets with their members daily! I also did a video interview, answering questions the members had send in. You can find this video linked to this blog!

The show was amazing! Beautiful venue, crazy crowd, music that moves everybody in the place! Magic!

The next morning we woke up in London. I happen to LOVE London 🙂 My dear friend Wieneke came to see me and together we made a fast jump into the city. Went to my favorite shoe shop Irregular Choice! The show again was pure magic; I felt I was at my best. Such an incredible high!!!

Next morning: Birmingham! At this show we got such a sweet presents. A shoe with a bottle of wine in it, somehow my love for both was picked up! We also got a beautiful cake (one for each). So lovely! We get so many beautiful presents at the shows. It’s really nice! Showtime. Magic time again! We blew the roof off that place haha!!!

Off to Glasgow for the last ride of the UK tour. Lovely Scotland, wish I had some time to see more of it. I got advised to go and see many nice islands and mountains. I am a huge fan of the Islay whiskeys!!! But we were there to rock and so we did. Thank you for all that rock ‘n roll that night. Magic once more!

On Thursday I flew home to spend a lovely night there. On Friday morning I left to the airport again to go to Helsinki. I had a meeting with Scarlette Kara for my outfit (http://www.scarlettekara.com) In the evening we had dinner and some drinks and a good night sleep to prepare the big day with the movie premier. I was so nervous and exited!!!

My parents came to see me. So did my sister Irene with her husband. My boyfriend Erik was there as well with his mother and his 89 year old grandmother. That alone is special! And I was so happy they could be there because it is almost impossible to tell you how it was… How I felt walking around that enormous arena. Or during the soundcheck when the Finnish news came to film us and we did a check of the fireworks. My dressing room is actually a room big enough to hold an entire ice hockey team 🙂 We did a photo shoot, we drank Imaginaerum wine, we got high on adrenaline and then we did that massive show. WOW…. I guess the many films on You Tube show a lot, and the pictures too. Magic to the max.

https://web.archive.org/web/20141018053459im_/http://floorjansen.com/thumbs/90/390x210/thumb_228_landscape.jpg (photo Timo Isoaho)

It was so great to do this show with all effects. The big screens, the fire, the rocking chair with Marko, and the white curtain that fell down so abrupt. The lights, the sound of 10000 people, my new outfit…all-together I am still so impressed.

The movie was part of the reason of us being there and so my family and I were let into a skybox (thank you for that!) and we could see the movie from that high place in that huge arena. I was great to see! Great to feel the music in a film score together with all the images. Amazing to see the band perform in it, really special.

After the movie we rushed to the after-party. I met family and friends of my new Finnish band buddies! Really nice how positive everybody was about the show and me. I felt appreciated and loved and that was something extra special being in Finland with Nightwish amongst their closest in-crowd. 

Nice comments I heard this week:

-You look like Xena the warrior princess in your new outfit

- My favorite song ‘Ghost Love Score’ has a nickname now… Ghost Love Floor Jansen

I made a photo collection of this amazing week. You can find them on my timeline.

Thank you (kiitos, dank je wel) for supporting me and for reading this blog. I hope you enjoyed! In two weeks we will leave to Latin America for a tour there. Check www.nightwish .com for all dates. The coming weeks I will take it easy and relax! I will write you soon again!!!





19 Nov 2012

New outfits!


Dear reader,

As you might know I will perform many shows with Nightwish the coming time! A tour in Latin America is coming up very soon now and the tour to Australia and New Zealand comes soon after I come home from Argentina! After this more shows and festivals will follow and I would love to wear some new outfits!!!

I went to Ingeborg Steenhorst again. She designed and made my outfits for the last After Forever album. She has a lot of experience with metal chicks and performers in general. My ideas where made into something super cool and some very nice types of leather are bought, together with other fancy fabrics and amazing decorations. Hereby a short impression of what's to come 🙂

I will update you soon and of course you can see them in full glory on stage next week already! Exiting things!!!



23 Nov 2012

TV, clothes and tour preparations!


Dear reader,

in my previous blog you can see some pictures of the new stage clothes that are a being made by Ingeborg Steenhorst. I went to see her this week and I can tell you; it will be great! She's so creative!!! 

Crazy pic haha, can't see too much of what's to come but I can promise you it's amazing. I am super happy!!! A part of it will be finished in time for the Latin American tour so you will see how it looks on stage soon!

A Dutch tv show called 'Tiende van Tijl' called me last minute to sing in their show. It's a show about classical music. They invite 'pop singers' to sing a classical piece. And even though I studied classical singing, i am not a opera singer full time. It was great to do again. I did their trailer a few years ago as well and now the show's on tv a lot it's really nice to be invited again. It was on a short notice however so I had no time to prepare a new aria. I did "Oh, mio babbino caro' from Puccini again. I wore a dress you would normally not see me wear! On the 2nd of January 2013 it will be broadcasted! 

This pic was taken during the make-up moment:

Busy with clothes, ReVamp songs, a tv show, my new passport, visa's..etc etc. It was lovely to take 'my girls' out for walk. The sun turned the forest into a colorful piece of paradise! It was so beautiful and peaceful! 

A great video from the show with Nightwish during the movie premiere in Helsinki was made and released this week. A very awesome one 🙂

Right now it's time to start preparing myself for the Latin American tour. Flight will depart soon and suitcases need to be packed...I can't wait! I will update you as soon as I can. For now I wish you a great weekend, day, night or moment you are in!

With love,




05 Dec 2012

Latin American tour: From The Netherlands to Peru


Dear reader,

The vast distances between the countries here in Latin America make us fly a lot and therefore it's not a coincidence I write the first words while sitting in an airplane. A miniature plane will take us from Lima to Cusco today. No shows the coming 2 days but some very special site-seeing! We have the honor to see Machu Picchu! 

Time becomes liquid when you travel a lot. It's been a little over a week ago I left home to go to the airport. From Amsterdam to London where I met with all the guys to fly to Mexico City together. 15 men, 1 girl 🙂

The day after arrival we had a day off to adjust and relax. There was a nice pool and good gym where I spend some hours! So good to be back in Mexico! We had 2 shows in the same venue the days after. Two times 3000 passionate people rocking with us! What a wonderful start of the tour! 

Then it was time to go back to the airport for a day of traveling to Puerto Rico via Miami. A day I'd rather forget because I had problems with my visa and security and ended up missing the flight because I stayed at dinner too long talking Dutch with our tour promotor Eric. Haha, what a day! You can imagine how nice it was to finally come to the hotel in the beautiful San Juan! 

The next day I had some time to go to the beach before going to the venue. With my super white Dutch skin I couldn't stay long but it was wonderful nevertheless. The rain made an end to my outside trips and made the amphitheater a wet challenge. In the middle of Caribbean trees and wilderness stood an open stage in front of a concrete circle for the audience. A lovely tropical mixture of worlds. I loved it! 

The rain didn't came back and kept our heads and gear dry during the show. It was the first time in Puerto Rico for Nightwish but it didn't seem that way. Everybody sang along every word and in that special ambiance the night was magical!

Off to Costa Rica the next day but not before we saw some more of the island. We went to the 16th century fortress 'El Morro'. Beautiful despite its cruel past; a great insight in the rich history of the island. Also the old town was great to visit. The sun was shining this day and made our European bodies sweat 🙂 in our homelands it's all frost, rain and snow...

After this welcome trip away from airports, hotels and venues we again had a flight ahead and took off to Panama to transfer there to San José in Costa Rica. No delays on my behalf this time, I was at the gate in time 🙂

The next morning I woke up feeling heavy and a little sick. As if I did a marathon the day before... But instead of more sleep or sobbing about it I went to the gym of the hotel and found my energy back! Totally revived we went to the venue to do the sound check. A lot of people were standing right outside the venue listening to it and a huge applause rose when we finished. Nice! 🙂

The show was LOUD! Louder than the shows before, and those were amazing already with the singing and shouting and screaming 🙂 This was the first show in Costa Rica as well and again that didn't seem the case at all. I had a hard time hearing myself or the rest of the band on stage sometimes! Real rock'n roll, really awesome! Tears came to my eyes again during 'Ghost Love Score' and I stayed an emotional cooky after the show as well. The feeling of gratitude and love for all this grew bigger than me. Such an incredible high!

The next day was a travel day again. Off to the airport with our massive amount of luggage. It was raining cats and dogs when we left to fly to Lima, Peru. Hours later we sat foot on Peruvian soil. We walked out the gates after picking up our stuff to find over a hundred screaming fans at the door 🙂 A warm and hysterical welcome into a country none of us ever visited. So amazing! While waiting to be escorted to the van (with a lot of security, weird still) we signed many things and made hundreds of pics. Our 'we just traveled long' faces were captured haha! 

In the hotel we went to sleep immediately for we had an early wake up to go straight back to the airport again. We fly to Cusco to take a train from there tomorrow. For now my first blog about the first part is written and I greet you from my airplane seat!

With love,


Ps: all pictures can be found on the timeline on this website!!!



20 Dec 2012

From Machu Picchu to Buenos Aires and back home again


Dear reader,

I left you a while ago on my way to Cusco. A city high up in the Peruvian Andes mountains. The altitude is vast there and climbing the stairs to my hotel room already made me running out of breath 🙂

We had some time off in the city but went to bed early because we would leave the hotel in the middle of the night to get to the train station. Breakfast at 03:15 at night...2 hours in a van and two more in the train. The train ride was beautiful! The track meandered along a wild river, trees and nature all around us. We arrived at a small village at the foot of the mountain where Machu Picchu lies. A scary bus ride up the mountain brought us to our destination. Quite a trip but it was worth every second of it. It's so wonderful to see an ancient city amidst huge mountains and dots of clouds. Our guide told us about the history as we walked through the it. Bringing ruins back to live as you try to imagine how it must have looked like all those centuries ago. It was a huge privilege to be able to be there! 

The next morning we flew from Cusco back to Lima to play our show there. Being at a normal altitude made me feel featherlight. We played in a lovely venue and had a meet and greet with the Peruvian Nightwish fan club. They surprised us with their amazing support and huge pile of presents. So sweet!

Due to a crazy security situation our show got delayed 2,5 hours. We played a lot of poker dice; a game we enjoy as often as possible :-)We all had to wait long but when we finally started we had a great time and the first Nightwish show in Peru was a massive success!

Early start on the day after to fly to Porto Alegre in a Brasil. A very long day of airports and flights. The venue the next day got heated up by the 1500 people that were pushed together in a 800 capacity place...Huge respect for all of you, still rocking so intensely. On stage it was incredibly hot as well. Hottest show ever I think...But so awesome! We had to leave immediately after the show for we had another early start ahead of us the next day. It took all night to dry the stage outfits though 😉

Off to Rio de Janeiro! The venue was Circo Voador, where I played with After Forever twice before. Good to be back! The place was packed again and again I was amazed by the boiling hot scenery. And again I loved it, it seems to make everything extra crazy! Obrigada! This time we didn't have to leave immediately and stayed a while longer for a nice party. Time to lit a good cigar...:-)

The next morning we left to São Paulo. We had a very luxurious hotel there, really special! After a fine work out in the hotel gym we went to have dinner (not everyone went to that gym haha, but to dinner of course yes :-). Later that night we went up to hotel bar on the top of the building. The view and the scenery and was magical and my dear company fantastic!

I slept long that next day and took it easy to have all my energy for the 4500 people that came to the show. A great venue! Thr show was less warm but equally intense! What a ride 🙂 Because of the soccer game (a final game with great importance to this soccer loving country) we left straight after the show to avoid traffic jams. I went to bed in time and did another work out the next morning before we left our paradise hotel to go to the airport.

The flight to Buenos Aires was delayed. First time on this tour, considering the amount of flights it was bound to happen. We just had a few beers in the airport bar haha....the plane was so small I had my knees up in my nose and we had quite some turbulence so you can imagine we were happy to land in Argentina! Again it feels really good to be back here!

I was dead tired when we came to the hotel but hungry too, fortunately for me we had a late dinner. A wonderful restaurant with great Argentinian food! I spend my next day taking it easy to save all energy for the last two shows. We went to the venue in the afternoon for a soundcheck and a small meet & greet. Two bands opened the night before our show and by the time we started the place was warmer than a Finnish sauna 🙂 It wasn't the first hot show however and somehow it adds extra rock 'n roll  to the show! The audience sang along everything with a melody! Guitar solo's, choir parts, keyboard lines and orchestral passages, everything! It was a swirling hot mass in front of us, so awesome! I know how hard it is to sing in a heated up place without shorting notes too much or to run out of breath. But how it must feel like to be in that swirling mass? How do they do that? Singing, screaming, rocking? Big respect, for everyone that did this during this whole tour!!! 

The second night in Buenos Aires was even warmer...how that is possible is a big mystery to me haha, but apparently it was possible.  A song was filmed for a video that will be online soon. No idea how we look like, there is no make up in the world that can survive sauna's haha! But the chemistry that was there those nights will be there on that recording, I am sure of that! 

On both nights we left straight after the show and on the last night we had a 'after tour' drink in the lobby bar of the hotel. Such great fun! Both nights I went to this metal bar and had the most good times there. Big thanks to the people that welcomed us so warmly! Great to see metal lives so strongly in Buenos Aires!

After the lobby bar drinks and the metal bar drinks I was tired enough to sleep like a baby and to still be tired in the plane back home the day after 🙂 13 hours in a chair, you gotta love it! A little girl with massive vocal chords made the trip extra pleasant...My connecting flight didn't go and we had to board another plane. When I finally came to Amsterdam my luggage was still in London and so extra hours of waiting were added to my journey. But with all those beautiful memories to bring home and all the sweet presents and words I got from so many people; I couldn't care really! A big thanks to my dear Nightwish brothers and our superb crew as well. You are all amazing!!! 

And for everyone: Merry Christmas! I hope you have a great time with your loved ones and I wish you all the best for a wonderful, magical, healthy and musical 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With love Floor xxx

Ps: pictures can be found on my timeline on this website

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Peter Hodgson, Jan 2013

[...] The band is currently in Australia to promote the album and its attendant feature film. Of course nothing in the world of Nightwish is permanent; just as their music evolves, so has their lineup, and they recently bade farewell to vocalist Anette Olzon (who replaced Tarja Turunen). Stepping up to the mic on short notice is Floor Jansen (After Forever, ReVamp), who is doing an incredible job, as YouTube clips reveal. 

"She's exceptional," lead songwriter and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen says on the phone from Brisbane. "We're not going to go into details [about Olzen's departure]. The main thing is that everybody's happier at the moment - Anette, Floor and the band. And that's the thing that really matters." Jansen was the band's only choice when they were forced into a decision about whether to continue with the Imaginaerum world tour or to cancel. "When she came along it was like a sledgehammer into the face," Holopainen says without irony or smirk. "It was like, 'wow'. We knew her skills and everything, but she's just incredible. To this day we've never had a rehearsal yet. We just haven't had the time, and still she's doing such an amazing job. So really thumbs up for her." 

With a new lead vocalist perfuming material that has already been established with another voice, it's almost like a new chance for the band itself to get to know Imaginaerum. Holopainen says he's very happy with the sound as it stands now, but can't wait to see where it's going to go in the future. "It just sounds really brilliant overall, but I would like to get some relaxed time with her and the band in the studio or in the rehearsal room to go deep into what we could do, because for the last few months it's been more like doing shows and coping with the tour. I don't quite know the whole potential yet!" [...]

From <https://web.archive.org/web/20130119082034/http://www.beat.com.au/music/nightwish>

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20 Jan 2013

Australia, New Zealand, opera and holidays...


Dear reader,

It is January 2013. Summer here in Australia, winter back home in The Netherlands. In my home country it has been snowing and that means everything gets deranged immediately. Here in Aussie I go from the shade to air-conditioned places to avoid the sun when it’s getting close to a 40 degrees Celsius. My French bulldog Obi needs to wear a coat because she has no fur on her cute little belly, I wear my summer dresses and put on sun crème on a daily base. I love touring 🙂

I have never been to Australia nor New Zealand before. I have never made such a long journey before either even though I have done my faire share of traveling. I left the Netherlands on an extremely grey day on the 1st of January. Quite a start of the year! Many, many hours and days later I was in Brisbane. Funny how I miss a day because of the time difference! And wow what a jetlag I had…

Today it’s the 20th of January and tonight we will play the last show here in Fremantle near Perth with Nightwish. I am sitting in my hotel room with the doors open, I wanted to write this to you while enjoying the sun but the heat is too much haha, my Dutch skin gets roasted in no time! I write this to you now because tomorrow is the start of a holiday and I will tune out for some days. I wanted to share this great tour now though so I cannot describe tonight’s show. But the other ones we did were so amazing I am sure tonight will become a perfect final to a perfect tour!!!

Every show was great! Enthusiastic and smiling people every time. In both Australia as New Zealand the audience was so appreciative we came over and rocked with us intensely while showing how much fun they had every time with happy faces!  Every day people were friendly to us. In both the venues as on the streets, in shops en restaurants, etc. They’re genuinely nice! I even had a moment my credit card didn’t work and I had no cash left. I ordered some food and found out I couldn’t pay with my cards. A man offered to pay my food. Just like that, it was fine. He wanted nothing in return and left me speechless. Such kindness!

Here people care about other people, about the environment, about themselves. There are many rules, too many for my taste, but the people just want to do right. They look great, their country is clean and healthy. Big respect!

We did 7 shows in 20 days. Not an intense program, it gave us the time to see things. I’ve seen Brisbane, Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Fremantle. I went to an island outside Auckland, a pristine beauty in New Zealand. I went to the zoo in Melbourne, a beautiful place with great spaces for the animals. I loved the tiger (who is now Richard Parker, for those who’ve seen ‘Life of Pi’ know what I mean). The animal was very active and impressed me to the core; I had goose bumps all over my body. And those eyes…. I also loved the butterfly house. Innocent and colorful creatures all around us, sitting on the heads and arms of children who had the patience to wait for one to sit down. It’s summer holiday here so the amount of children in the zoo was amazing. Nice change of company, I travel with 16 men 🙂

I also went to the harbor in Sydney and saw the opera house and the massive bridge at night. We had only one day there so I am sure there is much more to do and see! Next to sightseeing I had time enough to study Finnish and to work out in the hotel gyms. Nice!

I would love to come back to these wonderful countries one day and go out of the cities and now got to know a little to see the nature, the beaches and all the splendid sights here! Cities are great but this country has more to offer. Of course we were not here as tourists but to rock and so we did! 🙂

Tonight will be last ride of tour, it went by so fast! But there is a nice holiday ahead and I look forward to this as well. Some time to breath after the last month. They have been very intense for me!!!

And while I tour and take some air ReVamp is recording the new album. It is the first time I am not around to be there and it feels sad even though I know I can’t split myself in two. I trust the guys for more than a 100% so I am sure they will do an excellent job without me!!! And when I get home I will record my vocals and finish the album with them. Exiting times!!!

On the 2nd of January I was on Dutch television in a show about classical music. I was asked last minute and sang an aria I did before already because I had no time to prepare another one. I loved doing it again though, it’s a beauty from Puccini called ‘ Oh, mio babino caro’. I’ve added the video to the media page on this website!

For now I say goodbye! Thank you for supporting Nightwish, ReVamp and me and for reading this blog. I hope you enjoyed! I will add pictures in the timeline, so go check them out for a visual add to this story! 🙂

With love and respect,



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6 hours ago, Spartanguy83 said:

These are all great and appreciated! Thanks!

You're welcome! Lots of this stuff is now only found in archived pages so not readily found using search engines. The shutdown of various forums over the years hasn't helped either. So I'm always on the lookout for interesting bits of band history moments like these!

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I have updated parts of this thread with more material, trying to tell a clearer tale of the events leading to Anette's departure and Floor's arrival in the middle of the Imaginaerum tour, and using band member's own words whenever possible. This is still work in progress, and your input is welcome!

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Some input:

Nightwish interview - Floor (part 1) - YouTube

3.40 Floor tells about how she was asked to replace Anette temporary for the SA tour due to the fact that Anette is, for that tour, too far in her pregnancy.

I've read or seen somewhere that Annette was furious when she founds out that Floor was her planned temporary replacement (everybody but not floor was the statements of Annette as far as I can remember). She wanted that NW should cancel that tour. Can't remember the source for this info. Stil thinking 🤔





Edited by mabla
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3 hours ago, mabla said:

Some input:

Nightwish interview - Floor (part 1) - YouTube

3.40 Floor tells about how she was asked to replace Anette temporary for the SA tour due to the fact that Anette is, for that tour, too far in her pregnancy.

Yes I was trying to find this interview where Floor mentions that she gets the call from Nightwish and tells them to call back later! 🤣 Thank you! 🤘

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