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I just watched the Epica concert... It was pretty good, and the production was very impressive. Actually it was so polished and extravagant and well rehearsed and ready for DVD that it didn't feel live at all. Actually it felt like watching a movie performance with a studio soundtrack. So there was lots of post-production involved, but all in all it was a worthy show. 👍

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Epica have launched a Patreon community where paying members can access exclusive content. Simone already had a Patreon I believe, but this is the band. For artists it's a good way to keep in touch with fans and rake in the dough in these hard times, but for some reason I don't see Tuomas joining this trend. Maybe Crewish could start a Patreon? 😁



Edit: And I should add that Floor has mentioned on YouTube that a new fanclub is coming soon, which implies that she will move away from YouTube memberships to something else, possibly Patreon as well.

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An curious anniversary show for Epica in 2022:



We are very proud to announce “Sahara Dust” as a very special support-act for our 20th anniversary show: Epica - 20th Anniversary Show // 013 Tilburg.

"Although this band only played a few shows in the Netherlands about 20 years ago, it had a great impact on the evolution of Epica. One could say "Sahara Dust" sparked the flame in EPICA that still burns brightly! It is with great pleasure that we can announce the return of this cult-status band for a one-time-only return to the stage in 013. This show will surely warm up our “old” fans and probably teaches our newer fans some EPICA history! Don’t miss it!!!"

This is rather weird, in a "Nevski & The Prospects" kind of way, because Sahara Dust is actually Epica, or the group that became Epica. This will be an interesting show!

From Wiki:


In early 2002, at only 22 years old, Mark Jansen left After Forever over creative differences. He then began looking for musicians who would work towards a more classical/symphonic type of music project; this was initially named Sahara Dust. In late 2002, the band courted Helena Michaelsen (from Trail of Tears) as its frontwoman, but shortly after she was replaced by the then unknown Simone Simons, who was Jansen's girlfriend at the time. The band's line-up was completed by guitarist Ad Sluijter, drummer Jeroen Simons, bassist Yves Huts, and keyboard player Coen Janssen. The name was later changed to Epica, inspired by Kamelot's album of the same name.

Epica then assembled a choir (made up of two men and four women) and a string orchestra (three violins, two violas, two cellos and an upright bass) to play along with them. Still under the name Sahara Dust, they produced a two-song demo entitled Cry for the Moon in 2002. As a result, they were signed to Transmission Records.

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Here's a quick update on the Epica tour dates, including a newly announced North American tour in support of Sabaton.




For the first time in five years, we’ll be returning to North America for a full tour of the US and one show in Canada, at Montreal’s massive Place Bell. It’ll be our first time touring with the mighty Sabaton after many shared festivals. We’re looking forward to both bands’ styles of epic metal colliding for a transcendent show.

30.04.22 | Yunak Stadium | Sofia, BG
02.05.22 | Majowka Festival | Wroclaw, PL

10.05.22 | Expo Chihuahua | Chihuahua, MX
12.05.22 | Teatro Morelos | Toluca, MX
13.05.22 | Pepsi Center | Mexico City, MX
14.05.22 | Show Center | Monterrey, MX
15.05.22 | Teatro Diana | Guadalajara, MX
17.05.22 | Auditorio CCU | Puebla, MX
19.05.22 | Auditorio Josefa | Querétaro, MX
20.05.22 | Museo Laberinto | San Luis Potosi, MX
21.05.22 | Foro del Lago | León, MX

07.06.22 | Barby Club | Tel Aviv, IL
09.06.22 | Open Air Istanbul | Istanbul, TR
15.06.22 | Bibelot | Dordrecht, NL
17.06.22 | Z7 Wild Days | Pratteln, CH
23.06.22 | Basinfire Festival | Spalene Poric, CZ
25.06.22 | Hellfest | Clisson, FR
16.07.22 | Bang Your Head | Balingen, DE
21.07.22 | Release Festival | Athens, GR
29.07.22 | Fezen Fest | Fezen, HU
06.08.22 | Leyendas del Rock Festival XV | Villena, ES

03.09.22 | Zaal 013 | Tilburg, NL



15.11.22 | Ópera de Arame | Curitiba, BR
16.11.22 | Opinião | Porto Alegre, BR
18.11.22 | Toinha | Brasília, BR
19.11.22 | Audio | São Paulo, BR
20.11.22 | Circo Voador | Rio de Janeiro, BR

22.11.22 | Teatro Flores | Buenos Aires, AR
24.11.22 | Teatro Caupolicán | Santiago, CL
26.11.22 | El Teleférico | Quito, EC
27.11.22 | Centro de Convenciones Barranco | Lima, PE

23.01.23 | Sentrum Scene | Oslo, NO
24.01.23 | Berns | Stockholm, SE
25.01.23 | Amager Bio | Copenhagen, DK
27.01.23 | AFAS | Amsterdam, NL
28.01.23 | Georg Elser Halle | Hamburg, DE
29.01.23 | AB | Brussels, BE
30.01.23 | O2 Academy | Bristol, UK
01.02.23 | Rock City | Nottingham, UK
02.02.23 | O2 Academy | Glasgow, UK
03.02.23 | Academy | Manchester, UK
04.02.23 | Roundhouse | London, UK
06.02.23 | Atelier | Luxemburg, LU
07.02.23 | Zenith | Paris, FR
08.02.23 | Le Bikini | Toulouse, FR
10.02.23 | Razzmatazz 1 | Barcelona, ES
11.02.23 | Gamma | Murcia, ES
12.02.23 | La Riviera | Madrid, ES
14.02.23 | Coliseum | Lisbon, PT
12.03.23 | Capitol | Hanover, DE
13.03.23 | Carlswerk Victoria | Cologne, DE
14.03.23 | Schlachthof | Wiesbaden, DE
15.03.23 | MHP Arena | Ludwigsburg, DE
17.03.23 | Komplex 457 | Zurich, CH
18.03.23 | Metropole | Lausanne, CH
19.03.23 | Fabrique | Milan, IT
20.03.23 | Tonhalle | Munich, DE
22.03.23 | Barba Negra | Budapest, HU
23.03.23 | Gasometer | Vienna, AT
24.03.23 | Hala Vodova | Brno, CZ
25.03.23 | Progresja | Warsaw, PL
27.03.23 | B90 | Gdansk, PL
28.03.23 | Columbiahalle | Berlin, DE
29.03.23 | Haus Auensee | Leipzig, DE

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I'm surprised that Sabaton and Epica aren't performing in Toronto this fall, as Sabaton has performed there on every North American tour leg. Though from what I heard, there is news of the possibility of the shows getting delayed cause of possible COVID cases in the fall.

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Yeah, things are pretty iffy still, and I won't believe in any show until it actually happens. Even though things are looking up now in Canada and most restrictions have been lifted, there are still Spring shows being postponed.

It's not metal but it goes to show that anything can happen:

Due to inconsistencies in current COVID restrictions across Canada, we have unfortunately had to make the decision to move the [April 2022] Chris de Burgh Canadian Tour to Spring 2023. New dates and ticket information can be found below.
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I have seen Epica twice in two years, and have had the opportunity to meet the band, including Simone Simons. I still have my picture with her as she left the tour bus and I asked for a photo with her back in 2016. I later had a group photo with the band in 2017, and was joined with a friend who is also a huge fan of Epica.

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I'd like to see Epica in Montreal in October, but I'm not into Sabaton all that much. I was impressed with the work Epica put into Omega Alive, and they seem like nice people. I need to listen to some Sabaton to make up my mind. Probably their latest concert setlist would be a good place to start. 🤔

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'Sensorium' is taken from EPICA's album 'Live at Paradiso.'

The 2006 Amsterdam show is mythical among Epicans, as it's never been officially released. Now, the holy grail is available as a part of 'We Still Take You With Us' (out Sept. 2), which bundles it together with their (long sold-out) first major TV performance/DVD release, 'We Will Take You With Us,' as well as their first three albums: 'The Phantom Agony,' 'Consign To Oblivion' and 'The Score.'

PRE-ORDER it on an 11-disc vinyl box set, Earbook with 36-pages and 8 discs or 8-CD box clamshell. 'Live at Paradiso' and 'We Will Take You With Us' will also be available to download or stream, while 'Live at Paradiso' will be released on 2-CD+Blu-ray, too.

Video is remastered by @HDFactory - Video is re-edited by @JensThePanda

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A new release from Epica:

The cat is finally out of the bag: On November 11, we’re releasing seven brand new songs to conclude our 20th Anniversary year! This mini-album named, ‘The Alchemy Project’ is a very diverse release, with each track taking on the flavour of the internationally renowned guest musician(s) with whom each was written and recorded.

This resulted in a release that challenges and expands on what Epica is, while maintaining our trademark sound. Beyond the symphonic hymns you’re used to, you’ll also find progressive melodic death moments, saxophone solos, haunting lullabies with a trio of female voices—and even the heaviest death metal track we’ve ever recorded!

‘The Alchemy Project’ is now available for pre-order and will include these new tracks:

  1. The Great Tribulation feat. Fleshgod Apocalypse

  2. Wake the World feat. Phil Lanzon (Uriah Heep) & Tommy Karevik (Kamelot)
  3. The Final Lullaby feat. Shining

  4. Sirens – Of Blood and Water feat. Charlotte Wessels & Myrkur
  5. Death is not the End feat. Frank Schiphorst (MaYaN) & Björn “Speed” Strid (Soilwork)
  6. Human Devastation feat. Henri Sattler (God Dethroned) & Sven de Caluwé (Aborted)

  7. The Miner feat. Asim Searah (Damnation Plan), Niilo Sevänen (Insomnium) & Roel van Helden (Powerwolf)


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A new release from the Alchemy Project album, 'The Great Tribulation' featuring Fleshgod Apocalypse (an Italian death metal band). I'm not a big fan of the death metal contributions, but it's an interesting experiment nonetheless.


Another new song arises from the smoke of ‘The Alchemy Project’ – our new mini-album that releases November 11 through Atomic Fire Records and that we co-wrote and performed together with 13 bands and musicians. “The Great Tribulation” is at hand!

For this new single, that once again thematically dives into apocalyptic realms, we teamed up with none other than Italy’s Symphonic Tech Death pioneers, Fleshgod Apocalypse – a collaboration that some of you have been waiting for since we shared the stage with them on our North American Tour in 2016.

Get ready for some symphonic extravaganza!


“We know the guys and girl from Fleshgod Apocalypse already for quite a long time and toured together. There’s a lot of mutual respect for each other’s music, so when we approached them to work together on a track, they were right away enthusiastic. I did send them some very basic ideas I had for two songs, so they could pick what they liked the most. They ended up using all the ideas and combining them into one song. That was already very promising. From there on, we organized several sessions where we worked on the song together. The process was very smooth and very inspiring. I think the result is a perfect blend between both bands!”


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Another interesting collaboration from the Alchemy Project album: "Sirens - Of Blood And Water"



Today is the day we finally unleash The Alchemy Project – our collaboration EP featuring 13 guest bands, musicians, and… Sirens!

For this special occasion, we present you with a music video by Patric Ullaeus for the hauntingly dark, “Sirens – Of Blood And Water” featuring the wonderful ladies, Charlotte Wessels and Myrkur.


“Charlotte and I go back many years, but we never really worked on music together. Since she started releasing her solo songs, I became an admirer of her work and reached out to her to create a song for The Alchemy Project. That collaboration resulted in the beautiful haunting song, ‘Sirens – Of Blood And Water’. We both have a fascination for mermaids, the fairytale from H.C. Andersen, and wanted to write a song from the perspective of the sisters of the Little Mermaid. I loved how our creative minds flowed into the song and having Myrkur, who happens to be Danish just like the author of the tale, add her unique voice to the song was the perfect match that we needed to complete the story.”

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Apocalyptica + Epica? More like Simone Simons singing with Apocalyptica, the result is very pleasing and reminds me a bit of a ballad like 'Rivers' on Epica's latest album. Rise Again 🔥



“It was so great to make ‘Rise Again’ with Simone Simons! When we were putting the Epic Apocalypse Tour together, we were thinking of making this collaboration with Epica even deeper by releasing a song together. ‘Rise’ from our Cell-0 album had the beauty and feel which we felt could fit perfectly for Simone’s unique voice. We are so happy about the song and really excited about this tour with Epica as it will be something really special and amazing!”

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Now available for streaming, "Live at the AFAS Live" was recorded in Amsterdam on January 27 2023. No physical release seems to have been planned for this recording.

The day has finally come, you can stream our new EP, Live at the AFAS Live on all digital platforms today! Recorded in early 2023 at our biggest Dutch headline show to date, this will be our final sign of life, before we go into hibernation mode and record our new album. Enjoy this last trip down memory lane with us and watch the “Code Of Life” live video and stream the full 7-track EP!

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