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Lacuna Coil


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Another of my favourite bands... Was coming to North America this spring, but got cancelled like everything else. Now the Lacuna Coil-Apocalyptica American leg of the tour has been postponed to Feb 2021.

I miss the early era of nostalgia-drenched, moody songs. But they keep delivering solid, solid albums with honest heavy sound and Ms Scabbia's unique, amazing voice. Black Anima is a great album. Looking forward to seeing them live in 2021.

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This is a great news: a brand new live streaming gig, on September 11th.


Lacuna Coil announce "Black Anima: Live From The Apocalypse", an exclusive streaming show featuring a full performance of Black Anima for the very first time, including songs never performed live, plus special backstage/off camera moments and more!

The band, stationed in their hometown of Milan, Italy since February 2020, is fired up for their first show since the COVID-19 lockdown forced the entire music business, and the world, to stop. "When the world changed, we were in the early
stages of touring our new album, BLACK ANIMA. Months have gone by and the desire to get back up on stage and play our music for you has just grown bigger and bigger. While the pandemic won’t allow us to travel to your hometowns, it can’t stop us from coming directly into your homes. Please welcome Black Anima, Live From The Apocalypse….."

The italian gothfathers will play a special streaming show on Friday, September 11th (11.9) from the Alcatraz Club in Milan in what will certainly be a unique and once in a lifetime event. After the success of their acclaimed 20th anniversary show “The 119 Show”, the band has once again gone all out to create an outstanding and exclusive spectacle that won’t disappoint fans all over the world. The show will be available to view only once, live, via streaming.

BLACK ANIMA: Live From The Apocalypse will be hosted on A-Live.

Early Bird and General Admission Tickets On Sale Wednesday, July 22nd 17:00 CEST here

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Lacuna Coil will release a CD-DVD of their 2020 streaming performance Live From The Apocalypse (link).

I wonder if NW will consider doing the same with their upcoming virtual show? Would that diminish the experience of a live streaming show, considering it wouldn't be unique and ephemeral anymore? On the other hand, it's probable easy enough to record bootlegs of a streaming performance, so it wouldn't remain exclusive for long.

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Damn why haven't I commented here before? I fell in love with Lacuna Coil last year, and Black Anima was... I don't know how to describe it. Specially the first and last song made a huge impact on me and I started to learn some Italian due to Anima Nera (and the band of course). Now I'm the proud owner of four of their studio albums and Live From The Apocalypse record. I haven't see them live before but I'd love to go some day! Screw this corona virus, I wish everything would be already back in the way they used to be. 

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Lacuna Coil is the first European "metal" band I discovered back very many years ago, and I still love what they do even though their music got generally heavier over the years. I loved their early albums, very hard to define as a genre, and very quirky. That original "In A Reverie" album cover photo, so not-metal! 🤣 Let me find that again...



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What the heck?!!! Is that... Is that really Cristina and Andrea or am I having a stroke or something? 😂 Let's put one of their newest promo pictures next to that and we could see how far they've come. 

To me Lacuna Coil has always been really hard and metal. Some of their lyrics are so depressed, hopeless and full of anxiety. Whenever I want to be one with my 'anima nera', I listen to Lacuna Coil. Also Delirium is great album to listen while working out. 😄


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Ahah oh yes it's totally them, no photoshop or anything... 😁 And it didn't really fit the music, even though the music was more melancholic it wasn't "new age" either.

They did hate the image though, so eventually they decided to reissue the album with a new cover, and a pretty boring one too. But this one is bonkers!

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Sometimes I shut down my playstation and computer just because some discussion escalates too quickly. Then I read a book

in silence for at least 15 minutes. Or I watch some movie from Disney+ (if the internet connection works.)

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Added a specific explanation.
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Fugazi: Haahaa I'm a little night owl, and I was having a good time chatting with you guys 😄 I've actually seen both of those music videos and they rock! Cristina is truly a metal goddess. 

Stargazer: Wish I could do the same! I just take a huge deep dive into the conversation and can't see how the time flies and it's suddenly past midnight, like last night happened. 😄

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LACUNA COIL To Release 'Comalies XX' Album Featuring 'Deconstructed And Transported' Versions Of Original Songs


July 16, 2022

Back in 2002, Italian heavy rockers LACUNA COIL released an album which is now undeniably an anthem-laden millennial classic that established them as a band with the stamina to go the distance. Now, 20 years later, the current lineup of LACUNA COIL decided to revisit the songs, but not to just re-record them as they were but deconstruct and transport them into 2022.

This is not a reboot or a spin-off or anything like that, says LACUNA COIL vocalist Cristina Scabbia. We just wanted to give these songs a 2022 dress and see how this guy or girl who was born 20 years ago would still look fucking slick in 2022.

Due on October 14, Comalies XX features the following track listing:

CD 1:

  1. Swamped XX
  2. Heaven's A Lie XX
  3. Daylight Dancer XX
  4. Humane XX
  5. Self Deception XX
  6. Aeon XX
  7. Tight Rope XX
  8. The Ghost Woman And The Hunter XX
  9. Unspoken XX
  10. Entwined XX
  11. The Prophet Said XX
  12. Angel's Punishment XX
  13. Comalies XX

CD 2:

  1. Swamped
  2. Heaven's A Lie
  3. Daylight Dancer
  4. Humane
  5. Self Deception
  6. Aeon
  7. Tight Rope
  8. The Ghost Woman And The Hunter
  9. Unspoken
  10. Entwined
  11. The Prophet Said
  12. Angel's Punishment
  13. Comalies


Here's a taster:

Compare to the original:


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Lacuna Coil – In The Mean Time (feat. Ash Costello)

“In The Mean Time is a reflection on how much our society has generally ‘lost the plot’. We are living in really mean times filled with unhappy people: lonely, anxious, depressed, destructive. The pressure that crushes from the outside doesn't allow to see things with the right clarity. This song is like group therapy: not a lamentation but acceptance that once broken, it’s hard to put oneself back together again. We need to take our mind off all the inescapable toxicity and find that there’s so much more to this life… and know that in the meantime, everything cannot be aligned. We invited Ash Costello to feature on the track and we're thrilled she came on board adding exactly what we needed for this song with her warm voice and charisma.” Lacuna Coil , March 2024



My 2 cents:

I love Lacuna Coil but I'm starting to think that they're treading water. Ever since they traded gothic, moody, quirky metal to more mid-stream, in-your-face heavier metal I think they lost some of their uniqueness and perhaps also freedom to be creative. Maybe I'm just reacting to this new single being a rehash of any of their recent work, but their only saving grace right now is Cristina Scabbia's unique voice that I can never get enough of.

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