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Hello from an Ocean Soul since 2012


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Greetings to everyone in the Nightwish hangout. You can call me Moondance.

I first became a Nightwish fan when an old friend shared that as one of his favorite bands during the summer of 2012 when I was 18 going on 19. I checked out their song "Amaranth", and it initially didn't interest me at first. But when I later found out that Nightwish was coming to Toronto in September 2012, I then remembered the band and bought tickets to that show as well as their album Imaginaerum. "Amaranth", "Storytime" and "Cadence of Her Last Breath" were on repeat for me until I knew the words to those songs. Seeing the show that month pretty much sealed the deal, and I gathered every studio album they had. Even during my long walks I would listen to them and still do.

At the end of 2014, the album "Endless Forms Most Beautiful" is announced. My 21 year old mind got very excited and there were nights where I almost couldn't sleep because the wait to hear new Nightwish material was absolutely killing me. Even repeated "Elan" numerous times before it was released. That was the first time I was ever excited for an album from my all-time favorite band.

2020, and "Human. :||: Nature." comes out. 26 year old me who has matured and appears calmer looks forward to it, and I enjoyed it just as much as the previous album.

I look forward to seeing Nightwish the next time they come around to Toronto. I was going to see them in 2020 and had a front row seat, but it unfortunately got cancelled. ☹️ I still remain hopeful that I will get to see them again, and many more times until their future final tour if they do one. 😁 I have many stories to share of the Nightwish experiences I've had - but that'll be for another time.

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Hey Moondance, welcome to these parts! 🤘

Thanks for sharing your NW story! 2012 was an exciting year to join the craze, with all the Anette and Floor drama... Actually, you got to see Anette perform barely days before she left the band! 😲 You must tell us about that show one day!

Yeah I was gutted when Toronto was cancelled, I had tickets too even though it's a long ride from my place. I don't know what happened, whether they didn't sell enough tickets or were there visa issues or promoter issues? But yeah, I'm holding hope that they add dates to their North American tour down the road.

Anyway, feel free to look around and don't touch anything you're very welcome to share your NW experiences! 😃

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