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Troy Donockley

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Here's Troy's biography from when he first appeared on the official Nightwish website in October 2012 as a "Guest musician on the Imaginaerum World Tour 2012-2013", together with Floor.




I was born as a baby in Cumbria to my wondrous parents. I spent my childhood dreaming of being a musician and aged 16 I achieved an end of year school report which read - "Troy seems to be out at sea, and it looks like he's never coming back".

Since then, I have been lucky enough to prove them right and have spent all of my life and adventures immersed in writing and performing music. I also have a glorious wife Terri and glorious daughter Mia and live in a little village in North Yorkshire.

For more info go to - www.troydonockley.co.uk.


1. Tir na Nog - Alan Stivell
2. Going for the one - Yes
3. Words and Music - Planxty
4. Wish you were Here - Pink Floyd
5. Wrecking Ball - Emmylou Harris

1. Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush
2. Life on Mars - David Bowie
3. Once in a Lifetime - Talking Heads
4. Ballroom Blitz - The Sweet
5. Whole of the Moon - The Waterboys

1. Sons of the Desert
2. Ghost and Mrs Muir
3. Dead Poets Society
4. Harvey
5. Jaws

1. Demon Haunted World - Carl Sagan
2. The Sea Lady - H.G. Wells
3. Complete Short Stories - Mark Twain
4. End of Faith - Sam Harris
5. Mary Poppins - P.L. Travers

1. Water
2. Shiraz
3. Cream Soda
4. Old Peculiar Ale
5. Laphraoig

1. Spinach & Vegetable Masala
2. Crumpets
3. Houmous
4. Oatcakes
5. Cornish Pasties

Conjuring/close-up Magic, interesting T-Shirts, Baking Bread, The Study of the Origins of Christianity, looking wistfully at Skateboards, making Houmous, detesting Football, loving Freethought and science, talking to myself and being rubbish at DIY.

Life philosophy

"Laughter is the sound of freedom."
Uilleann Pipes made for me by the late, great Dave Williams. Low Whistles by Bernard Overton. Bouzouki's and Acoustics by Fylde Guitars. Roland keyboards. PRS Electric Guitars and Rotosound Strings.
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When I was talking to Troy, I asked him if he knew about Kate Bush's music. He told me that he did, and that he got to end up meeting her after one of her shows. (I believe this was the Before the Dawn performances Kate Bush did in 2014.) I told him that when I was listening to one of her songs, The Sensual World and its remake, Flower of the Mountain, that the pipes in the song(s) reminded me of his playing and felt similar.

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News from Troy -- plus the usual weird Troy story. 😆


Latest news from Troy - “The year is shaping up to be full of wonders. The new Nightwish album is completed and ready to be heard. Description of it is useless, suffice to say, it is more than hoped for. I am working on new ‘Auri’ music for our third album - three albums without a single live performance; a strange state of affairs to be seriously rectified in 2025. Oh, and this could be interesting… Here, for your delectation, is a recent photo of me auditioning for the role of James Bond. I was really nervous, but the word on the street is I’m in the top three. Just before the audition, I went to a Roller Disco in Sheffield with Daniel Craig and asked his advice on getting the part. He told me “all you have to do, is stand rigid with your arms stiff as planks; as if you’ve just spilled a pint of beer down your pants. That’s all I did, and look at me now?” Great advice from Danny. Let’s hope it pays off!”


Do you think the photo has something to do with the shooting of a Nightwish video?

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