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Tarja & Marko together for a one-off show in Switzerland

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I missed a few things, but this is pretty big. 👀




8.07 - Z7 Summer Nights Open Air
Finland's most popular soprano voice, Tarja Turunen, comes to Pratteln to headline a first class Z7 Summer Night. Joining the symphonic metal queen, freshly returned to Europe from her "Living The Dream" US tour, is her former Nightwish colleague Marko Hietala and a very special guest to be announced soon. The opener Illumishade completes the fantastic line-up. The open-air event on July 8th guarantees a dreamy night for die-hard symphonic rockers and friends of versatile metal sounds.
Want to take any guesses about that special guest? And whether any Nightwish songs will be played?
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Both Delain and Illumishade will be the opening bands for this show.

If I had to know what Nightwish songs would be performed, it'll probably be the same ones that she has performed for a couple of years now, as her last tour which finished in March this year, she only performed "Nemo". So it'll probably be that, "Over the Hills and Far Away", or "Sleeping Sun". I wouldn't be surprised if she and Marko perform at least one song from the Nightwish days together.

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