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Tarja & Marko together for a one-off show in Switzerland


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I missed a few things, but this is pretty big. 👀




8.07 - Z7 Summer Nights Open Air
Finland's most popular soprano voice, Tarja Turunen, comes to Pratteln to headline a first class Z7 Summer Night. Joining the symphonic metal queen, freshly returned to Europe from her "Living The Dream" US tour, is her former Nightwish colleague Marko Hietala and a very special guest to be announced soon. The opener Illumishade completes the fantastic line-up. The open-air event on July 8th guarantees a dreamy night for die-hard symphonic rockers and friends of versatile metal sounds.
Want to take any guesses about that special guest? And whether any Nightwish songs will be played?
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Both Delain and Illumishade will be the opening bands for this show.

If I had to know what Nightwish songs would be performed, it'll probably be the same ones that she has performed for a couple of years now, as her last tour which finished in March this year, she only performed "Nemo". So it'll probably be that, "Over the Hills and Far Away", or "Sleeping Sun". I wouldn't be surprised if she and Marko perform at least one song from the Nightwish days together.

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Who would have thought that within less than a year, we would see new live performances of The Phantom both by Nightwish and the original 'strange duet' Tarja and Marko? I can't choose which I like best, because the emotions each performance evoke are completely different. Anyway seeing Marko share the stage and sing this iconic song with Tarja after so many years apart is strange and wonderful. And they're doing good job of it -- even though they'll never be able to top that 2005 Helsinki performance!


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It would appear that the aforementioned show will not be a one-off, but more like part of a full tour with Tarja and Marko. 👀


From Tarja's Facebook:

Just days after wrapping up an extended and successful tour in South America on her own, an exciting news: March 2024 will witness the first time in 18 years when Tarja will tour again with Marko Hietala!!

Having shared many albums and world tours, they will get back together on stage within Tarja´s own “Living the Dream – The Hits Tour 2024”.

Tarja recently released her first greatest hits album: “Best of Tarja – Living the Dream”. Tarja chose the songs for the album, most of them fans' favorites and her own preferred ones.

The album remastered at Sterling Sound presents her new single “Eye of The Storm” together with material from all her rock albums ‘My Winter Storm’, ‘What Lies Beneath’, ‘Colours in the Dark’, ‘The Brightest Void’, ‘The Shadow Self’ and ‘In the Raw’.

Often recognized as the Queen on the symphonic rock scene, Tarja is the best-known Finnish solo artist in the world of music. Soprano, composer, and performer, she achieved worldwide fame by co-founding and being the voice and image of the Finnish metal band Nightwish for nine years, with whom she garnered Gold and Platinum records in many countries. But she was not alone in the band as Marko was an integral part of it as well.

Marko will perform his own songs together with his band mate, the talented guitarist Tuomas Wäinolä and after that will join Tarja on stage for a memorable night.

Expectations are high. What will Tarja and Marko come up with? Old songs? New ones maybe? What would you like to listen to in the set list of the 2024 concerts?

Please name your favourite song in Tarja's SM and don’t miss out on these unique unrepeatable shows!!!!




I'm looking forward to more details, this could be a rare chance to see Marko in North America now that he's no longer in a major band, but so far only South American dates have been posted. What would you like to hear them sing together?

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The setlist for the first show of the Living The Dream tour with Tarja and Marko has been revealed!


Together they sang the following songs:

'Dead To The World' gave me goosebumps! 😍

I must confess that I think that Marko looks a bit goofy on stage when he's not playing bass. He should always have one even if he's not playing. 😜

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So 'Left On Mars' is actually a song written by Marko (not Tarja as I first thought) and he invited Tarja to duet with him. The single will be officially released on March 13, but of course it has been played live already.

Live performance in Sao Paolo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NERWhbhEw-E

Link to the official video:


Interestingly, Anette Olzon commented on the announcement. 👀



Happy to see you both together and so happy congrats to you both 🥂


In other Tarko (or it is Marja?) news, their Curitiba (Brasil) show was postponed because Tarja caught a virus. This looks like a last minute decision, as they had to announce it to a full audience.


Marko decided to sing one of his songs as token gesture to the fans.


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Last but not least:

Marko Hietala doesn’t rule out the possibility of forming new band with Tarja Turunen

Arto Mäenpää - 9.3.2024


During a recent interview with El Planeta Del Rock, Marko “Marco” Hietala, currently touring South America as part of the “Living The Dream – The Hits Tour 2024” alongside his former Nightwish bandmate Tarja Turunen, was questioned about the potential of the two musicians embarking on a new musical venture together. Hietala responded:

“I won’t dismiss that possibility. We haven’t discussed putting together a band or anything of that sort. However, it appears that our connection now is different from what it used to be. In the past, there was significant division among the camps even when I joined Nightwish. It was challenging to discern the truth amidst a managerial turf war, where conflicting information was relayed from different sides, leading to a lot of confusion. But in the end, as we realized a few years ago when we reunited for Christmas shows in Finland, after all the noise and chaos subsided, we discovered that we had lost a friend. That realization was the primary motive behind us coming together again.”

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The video for 'Left On Mars' is now available, and it's directed by well-known Nightwish collaborator Ville Lipiäinen ('Élan', 'Endless Forms Most Beautiful', 'Ad Astra', and of course 'Please Learn The Setlist In 48 Hours').


There was a child climbing a hill on a winter's night

Face up to space above and taken by the sight

Time slowed down under the blessing of the skies

Of dying stars and their billion years of light


I flew across the void of space in a waking dream

Astride a fusion flame I'm finally redeemed

To find the wonders that transcend the bounds of time

To hear the heavens sing and reach the other side


Do you know that my heart still holds the rage, no

And I’ve turned page after page

I never chose to be an alien, no

I'm just looking for a home

I know I’m better left on Mars


I see the star that gave us life in the rusted sky

The hills turn crimson as I take your hand in mine

I always thought this place was safe and I was wrong

You chose to cross the void for me

I was made strong


Do you know that my heart still holds the rage, no

And I’ve turned page after page

I never chose to be an alien, no

I’m just looking for a home


I think you know that my heart still holds the rage, no

But you still believe in me

And I choose the mercy of your heart

I'm just looking for a home

There together we'll find home


Alone together left on Mars

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I kind of like 'Left On Mars', it's in line with Marko's previous sci-fi rock-metal album, and it's pretty catchy. Tarja's singing blends in smoothly with Marko's for the most part, and they seem to have good complicity in the video. I hope this is not a one-off collaboration, I like this better than Tarja's own stuff! 😁

More info about the new song:


Marko Hietala has released a brand new single ‘Left On Mars’ featuring Tarja Turunen! 'Left On Mars' is, in his own words, “A love song to my wife which ends up uniting two old friends. Even if the song itself sucked, I would be pleased about the result!”

Tuomas Wäinölä, guitarist and producer, adds: ”It was a strong one immediately. I think Marko had the idea of it being a duet too, straight from the beginning. After that it was just a matter of grinding and demoing it well. The fun part was taking the song to Switzerland on an USB drive, like proper agents! We had this secret meeting when we had a Pratteln Outdoor gig with Tarja, both playing our own sets.

And yeah, it was great to see them together on stage and finally singing the same tune again!”

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And the tour with Marko will continue in Fall 2024 in Europe, according to recent postings. It's a bit complicated, but after the 'Living The Dream - The Hits tour' in South America Tarja will do a 'Living The Dream - Summer tour' playing festivals in Europe by herself, then rejoin Marko for a 'Living The Dream - Together Tour' starting in September in Spain.


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Tarja and Marko Hietala: Living the Dream TOGETHER Tour 2024

Tickets: https://www.eventim.de/.../tarja-turunen-und-marko-hietala/

  • 08.09.2024 Berlin, Huxleys Neue Welt
  • 09.09.2024 Bremen, Aladin Music Hall
  • 10.09.2024 Saarbrücken, Garage
  • 12.09.2024 Leipzig, Hellraiser
  • 13.09.2024 Hamburg, Gruenspan
  • 14.09.2024 Herford, Kulturwerk
  • 16.09.2024 Groningen (NL), De Oosterpoort
  • 17.09.2024 Utrecht (NL), TivoliVredenburg
  • 18.09.2024 Bochum, Matrix
  • 20.09.2024 Ulm, Roxy
  • 21.09.2024 Obertraubling, Eventhall Airport
  • 23.09.2024 Frankfurt, Batschkapp
  • 24.09.2024 München, Backstage
  • 25.09.2024 Pratteln, Z7

After a series of triumphant performances in South America, where Marko Hietala joined Tarja as a special guest for several SOLD OUT shows, the dynamic duo is now set to captivate European audiences with their enthralling collaboration.

The European tour, which kicks off in September in Germany, promises to be an unforgettable experience as these two familiar voices reunite on stage once again.

Tarja recently released her first greatest hits album, “Best of Tarja – Living the Dream.” The live show will feature a selection of songs from her career, also found on the Best Of, including fan favourites and her own personal picks.

Adding to the excitement, Tarja and Marko recently collaborated on the duet single ´Left On Mars,´ which received widespread acclaim and further cemented their status as musical icons.

Marko will perform his own songs with his band before joining Tarja on stage for a night that promises to be nothing short of memorable.

Expectations are high as the duo continues to delight fans with both old and new songs, building on the success of their South American tour.

Special Guest Chaoseum

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Some sloppy work here... Tarja and Marko were supposed to sing together.

We regret to inform you that due to an oversight by Marko Hietala's management, he has been double booked, leading to the necessary cancellation of his appearance at the Summerside Festival 2024. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and disappointment this has caused to the fans who were looking forward to Marko’s attendance.
We appreciate your understanding and continued support. Tarja is looking forward to deliver an amazing performance at the Summerside Festival 2024!
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After South America with Marko in March 2024, and the Rock Meets Classic tour in Germany in April, Tarja did a solo Mexican tour in May, and is now back in Europe for the Summer festivals. Contrary to what was mentioned before, Marko will join her for at least some of the gigs, including the Metalfest show in Czech Republic.

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