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Alright, a good question, who has seen a musical on stage? Well, I ask this because I recently have started going to a blend of both concerts and musicals / plays this year.

When I was 8 or 9 years old in the early 2000s, I went with a friend to the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto to see a stage performance of The Lion King, which was my first exposure to the theatre scene - although we are not exactly like Broadway in New York which I hope to go to one day, as I went to NYC a few times back as a kid but never got the chance to see a Broadway show there. Hopefully I'll do that one day, or see a show on the West End in London, England. I do remember growing up with the musical Cats as a kid, though I missed my chance twice to see it.

Because I started going to musicals recently, I ended up going to see Rock of Ages on its closing nightat the Elgin in Toronto back in May - which kickstarted me back into musical theatre. Though I thank The Phantom of the Opera for getting me back into musicals, with a huge thanks to Nightwish for re-introducing it back to me when I first began listening to them. I have also seen Hamilton, and a more local Canadian production called Let's Dance. Soon, I will be going to see Jesus Christ Superstar, In Dreams, 42nd Street and Chris Mrs.

Have any of you seen any musicals? If so, which one(s)?

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The only musical I remember going to is actually Cats, about 10 years ago, it was a great night and for a while I used Cats avatars and Cats-inspired nicknames on every social media lol! 😸

Toronto is a more likely place to see big musical productions than where I live. Most good shows will stop in Montreal but skip Quebec City more often than not.

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