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Album of the Year 2023


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What would be you favourite album released in 2023? It can be any style-genre... And I'm not judging, it's just for the sake of discussion because taste is a very personal thing!

Here are a few of my candidates:

Delain - Dark Waters: Perhaps a polarizing shift for the band with the dramatic line-up change, but all-in-all a well-managed transition in my opinion. It's an album I listen to a lot, and I'm looking forward to more material from this band and is possible another North American tour in 2024.

Within Temptation - Bleed Out: I have yet to order the album, but I have listened to some of the 'new' songs. Some of the material is already a few years old, but I think it's a strong album and I quite like the direction the band is taking, even though it may not be popular with old-time fans.

Xandria - The Wonders Still Awaiting: I have this one (quite surprised it would be available in brick-and-mortar stores here) though I still need to listen to it properly, but I like the singles so far. Not sure how it compares to older material, it's not a group I know a lot about.

Floor Jansen - Paragon: not metal, but relevant to this forum. I can't say I listen to those songs very often, and I hope for a more daring second album, hopefully with Floor composing and writing more of the songs?

Also, check out Metal Hammer's metal album of the year fan poll: https://www.loudersound.com/features/fan-voted-best-metal-albums-of-2023. Delain is #18 and WT is #3.

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Well, Delain's Dark Waters is definitely up there for 2023's Album of the Year for sure! I haven't heard a lot from the new Within Temptation album as I still need to get a CD copy of the album, but I have heard a few songs. Xandria, I've heard mostly the singles, but I have yet to listen to my copy of the album.

This year, I also enjoyed Kamelot's new album The Awakening, which features Melissa Bonny from Ad Infinitum, as well as the debut Angus McSix album which is led by former Gloryhammer vocalist Thomas Winkler. Ghost's EP Phantomime is mostly cover songs, but is there for sure, as well as the new Arjen Lucassen project, Supersonic Revolution.

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