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Hello from UK

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This forum is awesome for information

I am writing abook about Nightwish and my travels.

I have seen Nightwish 121 times in 31 countries across four continents. Ewo (Nightwish manager always introduces me to people as the 'Crazy Number 1 Nightwish fan'. I appeared in the 'To Nightwish with Love' fans documentary (My age was shown as being over 10 years older)

In my book I am explaining of every Nightwish in detail and unclear individual lyric lines are explained and images are shown of references to Egyptian and Greek mythology, literature. Evolution and many other areas

I am including the history of each band member and thought I had captured all the information of their past and present projects but your site contains much more. Can I use this information in my book as long as I quote you as the source

My book will also cover many other areas such as:

1. Album tour data - shows by country and songs performed and their frequency

2. Songs never performed live

3. Films and TV series featuring Nightwish

4. Chapters showing all singles, live shows / documentaries, box sets and compilation. Each will show songs featured.

5. Sports teams and individuals using Nightwish music

6. Secret shows performed prior to album releases

7. Newly discovered species named after Nightwish and band members.

8. Background information about every studio album (including new album)

9. Fans drawings of band members

10. Unusual body art and other creative Nightwish related items.

11. Over 100 fan clubs around the world

12. Nightwish tribute bands (by country)

13. Much more

This is a mammoth project as you can imagine and I would hope to complete by end 2024. I would then send to band members to see if they are agreeable to content. If approval is given, the next stage would be the scary one of finding a publisher.

The book is to be called 'Endless Dreams : Nightwish and Me'

The book will contain many stories of my experiences travelling around to shows and meetings with band members.

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Hi Richard, welcome to this forum!

This book of yours sounds like a huge endeavour, but I do hope you get to publish, I'm sure you have some great personal stories to tell from some of your 121 Nightwish experiences!

You are of course welcome to use information from this forum if it can add to your work. How far along have you got in your project?

Have you considered self-publishing as an e-book? I think there are also options for print-on-demand on some publishing platforms, but I have no real experience in that area.

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Great to hear from you

I have been working on the book for nine months. I have the structure laid and text in all sections. However. I keep finding new information and my approach has been haphazard as I jump from one subject to another.

The sing meanings are the massive. I have a core of sites i use which address meanings and i pull together the information together and supplement with my own interpretation. Analysing g one song can take half a day or morecand i have to fit everythinjg in around work requirements and moving to Hungary and learning their language to enable me to do private tuition.

Thanks for the publishing advice. It is a minefield of an area. Hopefullyvs publisher in the music world will be interested as the book will be radically different from others. Proceeds from the book will go to a small town in the south of Hungary for social, environmental and cultural projects

The book is an immense passion and pleasure but the amount off research and pulling things together is immense

Publishing as an e-book would allow for links to videos to be included. The feedback from fans all over the world is for a hard copy.

To date I have done 321 pages and only covered 30 out of nearly 120 songs. Somebody suggested two volumes one of which would be for song meanings only.






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