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Anette Olzon


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The Charismatic Voice has a podcast with Anette and Russell Allen (of Allen/Olzon).

The take-home message from this interview is that Anette and Russell have never met and never even spoke to each other before this interview. 🤔 They made two joint albums without ever communicating directly, which goes to show that technology is a double-edged sword.

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I had to check setlist.fm to see that Anette did tour since leaving Nightwish, with her solo material in 2014-15 and with The Dark Element in 2018, mostly in Europe and Japan. I agree that chances of her singing in North America again are slim.

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ANETTE OLZON To Release Rapture Album In May; "Heed The Call" Lyric Video Streaming

Braveworlds, February 22, 2024



Anette Olzon, the former powerhouse vocalist of Nightwish and one-half of the dynamic duo behind The Dark Element alongside Jani Liimatainen, is back with her third solo album, Rapture, out May 10

The first single and accompanying lyric video, "Heed The Call", is out today, offering a tantalizing taste of what's to come from this highly anticipated release. Watch the video below, and pre-order the album here.

With a sense of excitement and anticipation, Anette Olzon shares: "I'm so happy to release the first song from my upcoming album Rapture. 'Heed The Call' is a culmination of passion, energy, and creative expression, and I truly hope you'll enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed bringing it to life."

Set to captivate audiences worldwide, Rapture promises to deliver an electrifying blend of heavy melodies and soaring vocals that solidify Anette Olzon's esteemed status as one of the premier female voices in the metal genre.

Following in the footsteps of her critically acclaimed second solo album, Strong, Anette Olzon once again teams up with acclaimed Swedish guitarist and producer Magnus Karlsson to craft a musical experience that pushes boundaries and excites the senses. Together, they have curated a collection of songs that showcase Anette's unparalleled vocal range, complemented by Karlsson's masterful riffs and the addition of growls by Johan Husgafvel, adding a dynamic layer to the album's sound.

Rapture seamlessly navigates through various musical genres, from symphonic to melodic power metal, with hints of melo-death, while maintaining an irresistibly catchy and melodious essence. Anette Olzon's performance on this album is her most versatile yet, proving her ability to evolve and innovate while staying true to her signature style.

Renowned mixer Jacob Hansen, known for his work with Pretty Maids, Volbeat, and The Dark Element, returns to the fold to ensure that Rapture achieves the perfect balance between heaviness and hookiness, resulting in an album that is both impactful and memorable.

Rapture is set to unleash its sonic fury upon the world, cementing Anette Olzon's status as a force to be reckoned with in the metal music scene. Prepare to be swept away by the sheer power and beauty of Anette Olzon's Rapture.



"Heed The Call"
"Day Of Wrath"
"Take A Stand"
"Cast Evil Out"
"Greedy World"
"Hear My Song"
"Head Up High"
"We Search For Peace"

"Heed The Call" lyric video:

Band lineup:

Anette Olzon - Vocals
Magnus Karlsson - Guitar Bass Keyboards
Anders Köllerfors - Drums
Johan Husgafvel - Growl



I've listened to 'Heed The Call', it's rather catchy. Judging from the lyrics and the track titles, this will be a heavily religion-inspired album?

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Anette has released a second single, 'Day Of Wrath'.

“I am so happy to release my second single from the upcoming album Rapture. – reveals Anette. “My new song Day of wrath is the story from the humans perspective who now has awaken and understands the disaster we have done to the world but begs for forgiveness. Despite all the signs we’ve seen, no significant changes have been done to stop it and now the apocalypse is closing in on us”.

Personally I like the first single better, this one is not as catchy as 'Heed The Call' and I don't think the growls work that well.

While after hearing the first single I thought the religious theme was tongue-in-cheek, with this second single it looks to me that Anette has gone full Christian metal. There's no real second degree in the lyrics, it's a plain 'repent or be doomed' message and I don't remember religion was very present in Anette's previous work. 👀

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A review of the full album:


In essence:

"Rapture - Olzon’s third solo album - sees her finding a balance between powerful orchestral leanings and melodic symphonic / power metal. Individually, each song contains enough memorable hooks and dynamic choruses to please many fans of the singer and of the genre as a whole. There is no doubt that the album is well produced, slickly played and beautifully sung but listening to Rapture in its entirety, Hear My Voice aside, there is little to separate the songs in structure and technique and the tracks sometimes merge into one. How much the album will stand up to repeated listens will be down to the individual listener. Olzon deserves immense respect for everything she has achieved in a range of musical outlets and Rapture – which is not a poor album in any way - certainly encapsulates what she is best known for. While lyrically it is a strong statement, more unexpected turns, variations or refreshing deviations could have made it a great album rather than simply a collection of similar sounding good songs."

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It would seem that every time Anette releases an album, Marko's brother Sakari Hietala jumps at the chance to throw some shade at Nightwish.

Hard to say this, but...
In my opinion this is more Nightwish than the band is today.
Anette just continues the way she started years ago and done many great albums since.
Love her voice ❤
This is the album to buy 🤘


We knew he's a big fan of Anette, but it would seem that he just won't get over that she's not in Nightwish anymore.

And then he tells (again) the story of the time he met Anette for the very first time.

A nice little story here.
2007 we were touring in Germany with as special guest Diablo and having the day off in Cologne.
Nightwish guys came to our hotel to have band meeting and party.
Our managers that time, Ewo and Toni had a unknown person with them and they said she's journalist of Aftonbladet???
Marko hadn't say nothing to us about it, but it was obvious, she's the new singer of Nw.
After the their meeting, we started to drinking at the tour bus and Tuomas said to Anette, beware of those Zac's vodka drinks, they are treacherous strong.
Few hours later, me, Jukka and Toni were in my hotel room and Anette was so wasted, she rolled over in my room bed and just giggled all the time😄
Jukka was wasted as well and he only repeated himself, saying, f***ing swede, f***king swede 🙂
Toni handled the situation and took Anette to her own room before it was too late to do 👍
2008 Nw had the gig in Miljoonarock and the day was my 47 year anniversary.
Ewo, the old bartender, made me a "White Russian" drink. Which was 0.5l glass, half vodka, half coffee liguer and few drops of milk 😆
I have had drank enough before that drink and after this little sip of it, I was ready to go on stage with Nw and dance.
Cannot remember the show, just Marko screaming to my ear, don't go to front of the stage, you gonna burn bro!
And then all pyros started to flame.
Funny memories indeed 😅


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