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Floor Jansen

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13 minutes ago, mabla said:

Really enjoyed this one .... 🤘


It's a nice insight into how she felt during this show and this particular performance... one that really consolidated her position as the new Nightwish voice and face. And I can understand her emotion at reliving this huge live performance at a time when the next live show is but a distant hope. This forced break didn't do Nightwish any good, especially with losing Marko along the way.

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Floor was asked to take part in a special Beste Zangers show in the Netherlands, but she couldn't make it physically because of her recent surgery. Nevertheless, she did perform virtually, singing Euphoria (a song originally performed by Loreen).



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7 hours ago, Fugazi said:

Okay here's the real deal!

Not my favourite of the covers, but it's nice to see a collaboration for a change, and both are singing admirably well. It's just not a piece of music that grabs my attention.

Exactly the same here ... 😎


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From Floor's social media:

"SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT! For so long it felt like this moment would never come. Next month I will be playing live in front of you again! I am happy to announce that I'll perform at Het Zomertheater on July 15!!

Tickets will go on sale June 19, 11 AM CET! Are you coming??"

I don't suppose this will be the show recorded for her Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign yet.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Less than a week away from Floor resuming her solo shows. I thought I would recap her tour so far:

  1. Netherlands-Nijmegen-Doornroosje-January 23 2020
  2. Netherlands-Groningen-De Oosterpoort-January 24 2020
  3. Netherlands-Hilversum-Podium De Vorstin-January 25 2020
  4. Netherlands-Heerlen-Parkstad Limburg Theaters-January 26 2020
  5. Netherlands-Heerlen-Parkstad Limburg Theaters-January 26 2020
  6. Netherlands-Amsterdam-Melkweg The Max-January 28 2020
  7. Netherlands-Utrecht-TivoliVredenburg Grote Zaal-January 29 2020
  8. Netherlands-Tilburg-Poppodium 013-January 30 2020
  9. Netherlands-Tilburg-Poppodium 013-January 31 2020
  10. Netherlands-The Hague-Paard van Troje-February 1 2020

and the upcoming shows (edited 2022-01):

  1. Netherlands-'s-Hertogenbosch-Het Zomertheater-July 15 2021
  2. Netherlands-Amsterdam-AFAS Live-September 1 2021
  3. Netherlands-Amsterdam-AFAS Live-September 1 2021
  4. Netherlands-Amsterdam-AFAS Live-September 2 2021
  5. Netherlands-Amsterdam-AFAS Live-September 2 2021
  6. Netherlands-Amsterdam-AFAS Live-September 3 2021 (recorded)
  7. Netherlands-Amsterdam-AFAS Live-September 3 2021
  8. Netherlands-Schijndel-Paaspop-September 4 2021 (cancelled)

One of the Amsterdam shows will be professionally recorded with the help of crowdfunding money and freely made available on (presumably) YouTube and/or other platforms.

Typical setlist for the first leg of her tour:

  • Ever Dream (Nightwish)
  • Vilja Lied (Beste Zangers)
  • Storm In A Glass (Northward)
  • Nemo (Nightwish)
  • Mama (Beste Zangers)
  • I Don't Know A Thing About Love (Beste Zangers)
  • Slow, Love, Slow (Nightwish)
  • Sweet Curse (ReVamp)
  • Face Your Demons (After Forever)
  • Winner (Beste Zangers)
  • Shallow (Beste Zangers)
  • Strong (After Forever)
  • Élan (Nightwish)
  • Energize Me (After Forever)
  • Qué Se Siente (Beste Zangers)
  • Bridle Passion (Northward)
  • Our Decades In The Sun (Nightwish)
  • The Sound Of Silence (Beste Zangers)
  • Wolf And Dog (ReVamp)
  • The Phantom Of The Opera (Beste Zangers)

Sample show:


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18 hours ago, Fugazi said:

Paaspop Festival where Floor was playing on September 4 has just been cancelled (well, postponed to 2022). 😔

For now it would appear that her Amsterdam shows are still on, but maybe @mabla will know better.

Everybody, of 12 years and older, and who wants and can, is fully vaccinated medio September. 

Dutch Government is planning to leave most measures 2 weeks later at the end of September (1.5 meter, mouth masks, ect, etc..) + opening everything. Remark = Access with proof.

Side note as always; only when the situation allows.

Fingers crossed 🤞


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From her Indiegogo campaign page:


Hi everyone!

It's been a while! I am very happy and excited to share that the live recordings are still happening! On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of September I will be playing AFAS Live in Amsterdam. The third and final show will be recorded for this crowdfunding campaign. On top of that, the documentary will be recorded as well that day. This will be done by someone very close to me! (Some of you might be able to guess who). 

It's been a long journey and I can't wait to finally turn this into reality, for and together with you.

de groeten, vänliga hälsningar, lämpimin terveisin and all the best,


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A new cover, Agape (original by Swedish band Kadawatha) - I'll have to give it a few more spins, but it's not one that grabs my interest at first listen. Also there's something about the mix that doesn't appear to match the quality of her previous covers, but it's maybe only me.

Edit: Here's the actual video:


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Well here's at least the setlist of the AFAS final show (the one recorded)... Quite a varied selection of songs, and I'm so looking forward to the pro shot!

  1. Ever Dream
  2. Storm In A Glass
  3. Nemo
  4. Mama
  5. Sweet Curse
  6. Dangerous Game
  7. Euphoria
  8. Face Your Demons
  9. Winner
  10. Slow, Love, Slow
  11. Shallow
  12. Strong
  13. Élan
  14. Energize Me
  15. Qué Se Siente
  16. Bridle Passion
  17. Our Decades In The Sun
  18. Let It Go
  19. Wolf And Dog
  20. The Phantom Of The Opera



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34 minutes ago, Fugazi said:

Floor was on Dutch TV today, starting at 17:45.


Missed this one. Thanks for sharing 👍 Nothing new really (unless Hannes made a new terras and they bought a new lawnmower and Hannes is fully involved in her Youtube work is new 😁)

But always a joy to see how she presents herself 🤗

Edited by mabla
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